Bordon J. Cole Family Cemetery


Location :

Around 1400 North Davis Road, south of North Star Road,
Town of Elma, Erie County, New York
The cemetery is located on the west side of the road, surrounded by a white wooden fence.

Year Established : 1857

Burials : 18 tombstones, dated between 1857 - 1991.

Condition of cemetery :

This small shaded cemetery is very much in need of maintenance.
Dead trees and various ground covers run over the smaller stones
A large white painted sign is nailed to the fence.

Source of Information :

This information is from tombstone inscriptions, not cemetery records.

Caretakers : East Aurora Presbyterian Church

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Location of cemetery records

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History :

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Source of Information :
Tombstone information complied by Leo J. & Katherine M. Kopp, on 14 June 1998.

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