" This was given to the Town Clerk by the Holland Historical Society.
This is not a Cemetery Record but a list of people who subscribe
and paid towards building the fence.
They are not complete as I found several burials there that are not in this record.
There are no dates.."
- Donna Wachtel

Special thanks to Donna for providing the following information..

Humphrey Cemetery Records
Holland, NY
Established in 1809.

List of people who subscribe
and paid towards building the fence.
Sarah Kent
Coradon Kent
Albert H. Kent
A. H. Cooper
John Sergel
L.H. Mett
Louis Miller
Sylvan Cutler
Charles Cooper
James Cooper
Charles Rosier
Asa Rosier
Jonathan Rosier
Calvin Rosier
Olive Johnson
John Miller
Joseph Miller
Channey Whitcher
James Mabon
William Mabon
J.M. Humphrey
A.G. Sweet
John Baily
Sally Cook
John F. Marcy
Zenas Hill
David Hunt
Obediah Hunt
Gottmip Harsh
Peter W. Johnson
Allice Cutler
Franklin Marcy
John P. Riley
L.W. Reed
George Morton
Freckand Dustin
Jesse Colby
Hannah Rich
John Crandal
B.F. Rice
Mrs. Hill
Caleb Cutler
Adeline Buszette
Michael Baptian
Morrison Kimbal
George W. Dustin
John Morey
John Kramer
Jacob Guenthes
James Colby
Jacob Guenthes
James Colby
David Goodell
John Savage
William Burlingham
Lovina Stanton
Samuel Curtis
Nathan S. Callis
Jonas S. Colby
Seth Cooper
William B. Currier
Frank Currier
Delos Cooper
Arad Colby
Hannah Colby
Leander Colby
Hannah Colby
Eliza Wolgenmore
Dexter Savage
John Robler JR.
John Brickman
Alvin W. Colby
William Colby
Mrs. Parker
Jonathan Johnson
Michael Johnson
Alvin Orr
Erwin Crook
Abner Davis
Perry D. Dickerman
P.L. Leggett
John Koller
Peter Smith
Abner Orr
Barrett Hunt
Andrew Colby
Erastmas Adams Jr.
Mrs Harley Houghton
Phillip D. Riley
Mary Mahley
Lue Mahley
August Mahley
Enos Hunt
William Bailey
Amizi M. Orr
Cheney Cutler
Edwin Cooper
Jonas Sellech
E.G. Kent
Stephen Curtis
Theadore Colby
Rufus Colby
Phillip Smith
John Keiser
Jacob Miller
Page E. Cooper
Allen W. Colby
Edwin Kent
Joseph Kent
Mra. A. J. Perry
Elmer Kent
James Stanton
Atell E. Cooper
Henry Cooper
A.F. Colby
Casleton H. Kent
Preston Cutler
Winston Cutler
Clay Cutler
Ashor Cutler
Edd Casey
Cornelius Schemenes
Frank Cooper
Joseph Colby
John Colby
Patty Colby

Humphrey Hollow Cemetery
1809 - 1962
Located on the east side of Route 16.
This is Holland's oldest cemetery and was name for Arthur Humphrey,
who was one of Holland's first settlers and its first supervisor.
It's located on the east side of Route 16, north of the hamlet area near the Rickettson farm.
The stones flanking the entrance give the date 1809.
The Humphrey family later left money in trust for cemetery maintenance.Currently,
the cemetery is cared for by the Holland Cemetery Association.
Most of Holland's Revolutionary War and War of 1812 soldiers were buried here.

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