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17 October 19999

Steven E. Kopp sekopp@erols.com
I am searching the Kopp family from York County, PA. George Kopp m. Rebecca Sterner.
Children were
Roy, Florence, Mary and Earl. Earl Kopp (1898-1986) m. Lillie Therit (1902-1981).
Dolores, Denton, George and Romaine. Denton Kopp m. Anna Breigher.
Children were
Barbara, Jeannie, Patrica and Steve (me).
k opp.1@osu.edu
My name is Kathleen Anne Kopp; I am looking for relatives of and
information about my grandfather Theodore Joshua Kopp,
born in the late 1890s (1898 sticks in my mind)and died in 1964 or '65.
I believe he had lived in
Baltimore, MD before moving to Columbus, OH
in the teens or 20s. Not much is known in our surviving family about his
origins but there was some mention that his family may have originally
come from
Russia. He married Bessie Salmans (sp?) who died in 1936.
Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Hugo Fuhr
Soy descendiente de Juan Kopp (1837?-1890?) casado con Teresa.
Su hija Catalina Kopp nacida en 1874 en Odessa(?), Ucrania, migra a Argentina a fines de 1800.
Catalina se casa con Ignacio Haag, nacido en 1867 en Odessa(?), Ucrania.
hijo de Leonardo y Catalina Haag.
Su hija Rosa Haag es mi abuela.
Mi página es www.geocities.com/Heartland/grove/6272/index.html
Busco información que me permita saber mas sobre de que parte de Ucrania vinieron y cuales son sus raices.
Rita Partridge (granddaughter)
I am searching for relatives of Marguerite (Margaret) Kopp. She married Casper Thielges 11/26/1901.
She had a brother Charles Kopp, I think, that lived on Sheridan St. in Buffalo, NY and a brother Herman Kopp that lived in Fairport, NY . She was born in Switzerland, I believe she would have been born 1/1/1878 died in 1950. Would appreciate any help.
Johan Nickel Michel 1696 Germany, sons Frederick (1721) and Bernardt to Old
Rowan County. The Son of Fred - Bernhardt (1748) moved to Orange County,
NC. Frieden Church area, his son David (1792) married Elizabeth Wagoner),
their son Barney (1820) married Barbara Cobb (Kopp), this Barney died at
Gordonsville, Va. during Civil War. His history can be read at
www.dantana.com/RowanRoots (Michael section) His son - Daniel Monroe
Michael of Davidson County. My ggrandfather. Buried Lexington City Cem.
Hello Des Moines!
I am seeking any information anyone may be able to help me with,
regarding the Des Moines, Iowa families surnamed Higgins, Libbey, Shannon and
In 1954, ROBERT DOUGLAS SHANNON, of Spencer, Iowa passed away. In
Robert's obituary, his wife of 36 years "HATTIE KOPP SHANNON," whom he
married in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, survives him. The obituary published in
both Spencer and Des Moines gives the married names of Robert and Hattie's
two daughters: Mrs. Glen Libbey of Athens, Greece; and MRS. L. T. HIGGINS of D
es Moines. Three grandchildren are listed as JOAN, KATHY and TOMMY HIGGINS of
Des Moines.
...These names just recently came to light so I do not have much more to
offer, but I'm hoping a long-time Des Moines resident or associate of these
family members might recall the family and help me get in touch with them. I
am a Shannon descendant too. Joan, Kathy and Tommy Higgins would be my 3rd
cousins. I will gladly share any related information I have too. Any
information will be 100% more than I have right now.
Thank you for taking the time to read my posting.
Kevin O'Brien
Laguna Hills, CA
In a message dated 3/14/0 12:08:26 PM, WNL1 writes:
Karl Anton KOPP married Barbara Bishoff in NYC, 1889.
Both from Karlsruhe, BADEN PROVINCE, Germany.
His parents were Anton Kopp and Katie Koeppel.
Her parents were Charles Bishoff and Anne M. (probably Marie) Muncesster.
Karl Anton attended the University of Leipzig ABT 1875-1880.
Karl and Barbara had two daughters, one married: Horace Harrison ALLEY 2nd, had many descendants.
The other daughter had no children.
Thus the name KOPP ended with Karl along this family line.
SEEKING information from Germany...anything!!!!
Hi, My name is John Kopp.
jkopp@iopener.net I'm From Brockway Pa.
I was on www.familysearch.com,
Tonight,Looking up the Kopp name.And going through all the names, I don't think I'm related to anybody that I found,My Fathers Name Was Walter C Kopp, My Mothers Name Was Mary B,Donley,Kopp.
God Rest Their Souls.
My Grandfathers Name,Was John,W, Kopp.
My Great Grand Fathers Name Was William B Kopp, He Was Born In Or Around Pittsburgh Pa.
He Was Also In The Civil War,He Was In Every Major Event From 1861 To1 865.His Name Is On The Pa Monument In Gettysburg, His Name As Follows,Cpt,William B.Kopp 82'nd Pa Vol Inf,Co B.
Their Graves,Are Not Far From Where I Live,In The Small Village Of Luthersburg,Pa.
It Was Nice Talking To You,Send Me A E-mail If You Want To,Good night.
I am researching my KOPP line, it's very difficult & confusing,
so I hope someone can help me out.
My g-grandfather is ...JESSE CASPER KOPP (1869?-1960) + ADA LEIGH (1874-1958)Williamson City., Il.
JOHN HENRY KOPP (abt.1840 Germany-1898 Williamson City, Il.)
+ELIZABETH RUCKET (1850 W.C.,Il.-1917 W.C.,Il.)
JOHN KOPP (abt.1808-10, Germany, -11/2/1887, Williamson City., Il.)
His tombstone reads(the best I can read ), born in
I found JOHN HENRY KOPP's naturalization petition, 9/22/1868,
Declaration of Intent.
Renounced allegiance to:DULBURG OF MESSEN DREMSTEEL.
Certificate of naturalization issued 9/1870, renounced allegiance
does any of this make sense to anyone? Would greatly appreciate any
information to help me clear all this up. Thanks, Terry shad@midamer.net
Looking for Margaret Kopp, born in January 1, 1878 in Switzerland,
Would like to know more of the family. ritap@wycol.com
Frederick Kopp
I just received back in the mail something I tried to return to Dr Frederick
Kopp [formerly] of San Dimas, CA. I calculate his age to have been
mid-eighties or older. If anyone knows his current address, or if he is
deceased, his next of kin, I will appreciate the contact.
I have 3 KOPPs or KAPPs I am searching for.
I am adopted so I have very little information. But will give what I
1) MICHAEL KAPP (KOPP) from Germany,Poland,Russia,Prussia
b. prior to 1830
Married: Anna Kessler
One son that I know of: Joseph KAPP (KOPP)
b. March 19, 1851
d. May 2, 1932 in Kansas
2) JACOB KOPP (father of E. Kopp below)
b. March 3, 1828 Berne, Switzerland
d. October 8, 1912
She married F. Moseman b. July 22, 1826 Nice, France
d. 1864 buried in Arkansas
I do Not believe family #1 is related to #2 &#3.
Very Sincerely
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