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Town of Wales,
Erie County, New York

The names of fourteen residents killed in the nations wars have been inscribed on a bronze plaque that was dedicated during services on

Memorial Day May 26, 1997

Town Councilman Adrian Keeem spend close to two years
searching for the names.

The plaque is inscribed with the following names:

Civil War
Bela W. Burzette
James D. Edmonds
William H. Edmonds
William Enos
Henry H. Havens
Richard Leigh
Almond Simmons
Jared Tiffany
Issac A. Wightman

World War I
Allen Dimon
Rudolph Erdman

World War II
Cornelius G.George

Eric Jednat

Mark A.Rademacher

The plaque is in the town's memorial park, named for Mark A. Rademacher.

- Buffalo News/Sunday, May 25, 1997, page B-5

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