Richard's Cemetery
Route 20-A
Town of Orangeville
Wyoming County, New York
* Existing stones
*Joanna, wife of Josiah, died Jan 10, 1842, 81 years, 8 months.
*Betsy, wife of Jonathan, died May 13, 1841, aged 46 years.
*Charles, son of Chauncey L. & Almira, died Feb 3, 1839, 9 months, 7 days.
David, son of Ichabod & Malinda, died Sept 21, 1835, aged 3 years, 1 month.
Malinda, wife of Ichabod, died July 21, 1853, 51 years.
Permela, daughter of I. & M., died June 8, 1841, 9 years.
Hemia, son of Philip & Clarissa, died Feb 3, 1830, ----, 26 days.
*Lydia Ann, wife of Lydia & Norman B., died July 12, 1846, aged 62 years.
*Manley, son of Norman & Lydia , died July 30, 1841, aged 3 years, 8 months.
Norman B., died Dec 25, 1850.
*In Memory of Anna Richards, wife of James, who departed this life May 3, 1836, in the 46 year of her age.
Anson, son of James & Anna, died July 5, 1823, 14 years, 10 months.
*Charley, son of C. & P., died Aug 28, 1865, 1 year, 14 days.
*Clarra, daughter of Charles & Phil, died April 22, 1858. (Two r's on the tombstone)
David, died Sept 11, 1825, aged 60 years.
*Ellen, daughter of Charles & Phila, died Sept 11, 1849, aged 1 year, 6 months, 2 days.
*George D., son of C.& P., died July 4, 1862, aged 17 years, 2 months.
*Infant daughter of Charles & Phila, died Sept 28, 1850, aged 5 months, 21 days.
*In Memory of James, died Sept 20, 1840, aged 55 years.
*In memory of Lois, wife of Paul Richards Esq., who departed this life Aug 31, 1823, in the 32 year of her age.
*Daniel, died Sept 11, 1825, aged 68 years. (Revolutionary War Veteran Marker)
At least 6 stones broken and/or illegible stones.
Grave Markers
*?. B.

'Located on Route 20A in the Town of Orangeville just east of Varysburg, in a small abandoned cemetery
which is the final resting place of Daniel Richards, a Revolutionary War Veteran. Family records
reveal that he was born at Dighton, Massachusetts, May 28, 1757, and was 68 years at the time of his death.

Daniel Richards was a early settler in the Town of Orangeville and members of his family of 10 children.
Became prominent in public affairs in the town and county.

His son Paul was one of the commissioners appointed to superintend
the erection of the county building when the County of Wyoming was formed in 1841.
He also was appointed the first county judge soon after the county was formed.
During the early summer of 1984, this small unmarked cemetery
was finally marked for passerbys when a sign was erected by
Paul Richards Spink and his wife Deborah, as a present for his mother
and in honor of his great-great grandfather who rests here.
It reads "Richards Pioneer Cemetery, Est. 1812".

I believe the article I received from Paul Spink
of Orangeville, Wyoming, New York was published
in the 'Wyoming Historical Magazine' in October 1984

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Compiled: 31 October 2000
Information received from Paul Spink (Mother nee Richard) of Orangeville, Wyoming, New York,
and digital photographs of the tomb stones.
Leo J. & Katherine M. Kopp

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