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Village of Alden Cemeteries
including Village of Alden, Hamlets of Crittenden and Mill Grove and the areas of Alden Center, Alden Center,
Alden Station, Dellwood, Peter's Corners, Townline, Townline Station, Wende & West Alden

Erie County, New York

* Active


Town Information

First Settlement in 1810, formed from Clarence in 1823, part of Marilla was taken off in 1853, includes the Village of Alden, and Hamlets of Alden Center, Crittenden, Mill Grove and Wende.
Alden was incorporated in 1856.

New York Town Histories - Erie County
History of Alden


Erie County Directory of Public Officials

Books and Microfilm

Saint Patrick's: Cemetery
Records: 1851 - 1918, Film #377

This is listed under St. Francis of Assisi, Corfu, NY)
Family History Library - Erie County cemetery records.

Chamber of Commerce

Alden Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 149
Alden, New York 14004
(716) 937-6177
Location: 13500 Broadway

Churches and Schools
Churches & Religious Organizations

Town Line Lutheran Church  
1159 Town Line Road,
Alden, NY  14004-9590 
Church Office  (716) 684-1467  
Church Fax (716) 683-1664 

Alden Schools

Clerk's Office

Town of Alden Clerk's Office
P.O. Box 180
3311 Wende Road
Alden, New York
(716) 937-7054
(716) 937-9817
Genealogy Records

Village of Alden Clerk's Office
13336 Broadway
Alden, New York 14006
(716) 937-9216, ex. 10

Norma M. Sweet
299 Exchange Street
Alden, New York 14006
(716) 937-9216

Historical Museum & Society

Alden Historical Society By appointment only
13213 Broadway
Alden, New York 14006
(716) 937-7606

Town Links

Alden, NY - Names from Microfilm

Erie County, New York - Wikipedia

Local areas, Maps & Zip Codes
Map showing Township
Location Map
Erie County Roads
Distance Between Alden, NY and .........
Alden (Village) - Located in the east part of the town on Route 20. (14004)
Alden Center - Located by Westwood Road and Sandridge Road. (14004)
Alden Station - Located between Alden village and Crittenden. (14004)
Crittenden (Hamlet) - Located at Genesee Street (Route 33) and Crittenden Road. (14038)
Dellwood - Located on the western town line. (14004)
Mill Grove (Hamlet) - Located at the intersection of Genesee Street (Route 33) and Milgrove Road. (14004)
Peters Corners - Located at the intersection of Genesee Street (Route 33), and South Newstead Road. (14004)
Town Line - Located on the western town line. (14004)
Town Line Station - Located at the western town line, bordering the Town of Lancaster. (14004)
Wende - Located in the northwest corner of the town, Erie County Home, Erie County Correctional Facility, and Wende State Correctional Facility are located in this area. (14004)
West Alden - Located at the intersection of Broadway and Sandridge Road, west of the village of Alden. (14004)

Village of Alden Facts

Local researchers




Newspaper (Check for obituaries)

Alden Advertiser
13200 Broadway
Alden NY 14004
(716) 937-9226

Alden News - Buffalo News

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Vital records
Dates of First Vital Statistics Records
Census Finder


Erie County Home Nursing Home (County Home)
11580 Walden Avenue
Alden, New York, 14004
(716) 937-5690

To obtain a death certificate for someone who died at the home
Alden Town Clerk's Office
PO Box 180
3311 Wende Road
Alden, New York, 14004-0180
(716) 937-7054
The death certificate should list a place of burial.


Gazetteer of the State of New York, author, J.H. French
Town Clerk of Alden
United States Postal Service
Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society files.
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library,
Special Collections Room
Talking Phone Book
Verizon Yellow Pages
Ray's Place

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