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Town of Amherst Small Cemeteries
Erie County, New York

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The following Eggertsville cemeteries were relocated to
Skinnerville Cemetery.

  • Bondcroft Cemetery ~ Bondcroft Drive and Main Street.
  • Community Cemetery ~ Main Street at Eggert Road
    "The year was 1811- Abraham Miller build a general store at the corner of Main Street & Eggert Road.
    The Community Cemetery was behind the general store.
    Abraham and his wife Barbara, were buried there in 1843 and 1873 respectfully.
    The location of the remains are unknown , or if there were other burials in this cemetery".
    - Amherst Museum Display (I found the names listed in Skinnerville Cemetery, dates are different)
  • Eggert Road Cemetery (1855) ~ Behind 1317 Main Street. Formerly adjacent to St. Benedict's R.C. Church.
  • Eggertsville Cemetery ~ Formerly behind brick church on Main Street between Ivyhurst Road and Koster Row.
  • Free Church Cemetery (1866) Ivy Hurst Road (Ivyhurst) and Koster Row
  • Little Brick Church & Cemetery Ivy Hurst Road (Ivyhurst) and Koster Row **
    "The Little Brick Church and Cemetery" "Just past the "bend" on Main St, between what is now Ivy Hurst Road (Ivyhurst)
    and Koster Row was a little brick church, behind which was a cemetery. On the map of 1866 it was designated "The Free Church" and on a map of 1880's the "Union Church". The original cemetery deed,was dated May 1, 1849, shows that the property was on the north side of "Macadam Road" (
    Main Street). It was also know as "The Resting Place", dedicated for all denominations.
    Between 1952 and 1957, the Town of Amherst moved the cemetery to
    Skinnerville Cemetery.
    (1849 - 1956) (B)
    From "A History of the Town Of Amherst" Erie, County, New York, author, Sue Miller Young, 1965 Page 59.
  • Resting Place (1849) Ivy Hurst Road Ivyhurst) and Koster Row
  • Union Church and Cemetery (1880) Ivy Hurst Road (Ivyhurst) and Koster Row.

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