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Cemetery Records Of The War Veterans

Compiled and Edited by Floyd J. Balthasar
Complimentary Print by George Meyer, funeral director, East Aurora, N.Y.


(Died or Killed in WORLD WAR)

(K.A. - Killed in Action / D.D. - Died of Disease)
Bann, Frederick W. - Pvt. Co. L, 108 Inf. K.A., Sept. 29, 1918, Hindenburg Line.
Clark, William - K.A., June 10, 1918, France.
Clay, Arthur R. - Sgt. Co. D, 309 Inf. K.A., Oct. 14, 1918, Grand Pre.
Clough, Charles L. - Corp . 6th Regt. U.S. Marine Corps; K.A., Oct. 31, 1918, Argonne.
Ernst, Lawrence F. - Pvt. 67th Co., 5 Regt. U.S. Marine Corps; K.A. June 10, 1918, Belleau Woods.
Evers, Harry T. - Student's Army Training Corps; D.D., Oct. 16, 1918, Ann Arbor.
Graves, Charles - S.S.; D.D., Sept. 28, 1918, Camp Dix.
Kriedman, Louis E. - Pvt. Co. D, 108 Inf.; K.A., Sept 29, 1918, Hindenburg Line.
Kuchenbeisser, William - Pvt. Co. L, 309 Inf.; K.A., Oct. 16, 1918, Grand Pre.
MacMillan, Archibald - Sgt. Air Service; died Feb. 19, 1919.
McCreary, Donald K. - Pvt. 96th Co., 6th Regt. U.S. Marine Corps; K.A., July 19, 1918, Soissons.
McMillan, Nelson L. - D.D., Oct. 1918, Camp Funston.
Schurr, Alton - Pvt. Co. E, 328 Inf.; K.A., Oct. 9, 1918, Argonne.
Schurr, Ralph - Pvt. Co. D, 307 Inf.; K.A., Sept. 28, 1918, Argonne.
Stillinger, Roland H. - Pvt. Co. E, 304 Field Artillery; K.A., Sept. 9, 1918, Bazocher.
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