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Town of Aurora Cemeteries
including the Village of East Aurora, the Hamlets of
Griffith Mills, Jewettville, West Falls and a portion of
South Wales
Erie County, New York

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Town of Aurora

  • 1827 Cemetery see East Aurora Cemetery
  • Baptist Church Cemetery see Pioneer Cemetery
    There is a cemetery in East Aurora that used to be known as the Baptist Church Cemetery.The Baptist Church has now moved, but the little cemetery is still there. Is it now known as the Pioneer Cemetery. It contains the graves of James Fairbank, d. 1851; his wife Eunity Moore Fairbank; his son Willard Fairbank; his daughter Laura Fairbank Blood; probably also Mary Blood Fairbank and Mahala Valerie Blood Fairbank, sisters and 1st and 2nd wives of Willard Fairbank. James and his son Willard were pioneer settlers
    in Elma Township, in the Milestrip.
    Thanks to Doris Ward for the above information
  • Blakeley Cemetery
  • Catholic Cemetery - (Immaculate Conception Cemetery) (1893)
  • Located on the north side of Bowen Road near Seneca Street.
    Contact : W. Heidel (716) 652 - 6509
  • Carpenter Cemetery - Strykersville Road 14169 Private, located on the James Miller property. Located in the Town of Wales
  • Cole Cemetery
  • East Aurora Cemetery (Upper Cemetery) [1834 - 1957 MF]
    Located between Oakwood Avenue and Millard Fillmore Place, at the end of Temple Place (off Main Street). A large, well kept cemetery, with 251 lots originally planned, September, 1873, there are many burials prior to this date.
  • East Aurora Pioneer Cemetery
  • East End Cemetery see East Aurora Cemetery
  • Griffith Mills Cemetery
    Located on the west side of Westfalls Road near Mill Road behind the Lutheran Church.
    Griffith Mills Cemetery is believed to be the first burial plot in the Town of Aurora. Records disclose the plot was used as early as 1818. Earlier know as West Aurora Cemetery, consists of two parts, the older of from three to four acres on the north side. A few stones are dated 1818 and one 1811. It is believed that some removals from the Phelps plot and the Luther Road lots are in Griffith Mills Cemetery. Records indicate that soldiers of 1812 were removed to GMC. Those prior to 1820, probably were moved from other areas.
  • Immaculate Conception Cemetery see Catholic Cemetery
  • Lower Oakwood Cemetery [1836 - 1968 MF] ~
    210 Oakwood Avenue [Office] (716) 652 - 0454
    Located at the western end of Oakwood Avenue between Hamburg and South Willow Street
  • Luther Road Cemetery
  • Maple Road near Main Street
  • Mill Street Cemetery
  • Oakwood Cemetery
  • Oakwood Cemetery Association - 696 Main Street, East Aurora, 14052-2406 (716) 652-0454
  • Old Cemetery on Cole Road - Located just pass Ward Road on the east side.
  • Phelps Plot
  • Sweet Road Cemetery
  • Pioneer Cemetery see East Aurora Cemetery
  • Temple Place Cemetery (1827) see East Aurora Cemetery
    Research leads us to believe that another small plot preceded the Upper town cemetery
    [1873 - 1874] as death dated of 1862 and 1870 are found on markers on the Calkins lot ?
  • Upper Oakwood Cemetery see East Aurora Cemetery.
  • West Aurora Cemetery see Griffith Mills Cemetery
Town of Aurora Cemetery History
Early burial site located on:
Blakeley Road
Maple near Main Street
[Moved about 1885 to lower Oakwood Cemetery]
Main just east of Olean-Pine,
Mill Street
Cole Cemetery
Davis Cemetery [Elma]
Luther Road
see Griffith Mills Cemetery
Phelps Plot
see Griffith Mills Cemetery
Sweet Road
Village of East Aurora Cemeteries
The first cemetery in East Aurora is believed to have been located on Upper Main Street.
A larger cemetery was on Maple Road at the end of Fillmore Avenue.
It was later moved to the
lower Oakwood Avenue Cemetery which was started in 1841.
There were many other early cemeteries, mostly small, which were moved or abandoned through the years.
The Upper Cemetery was opened in 1826. This cemetery extended from Main Street to Oakwood Avenue.
Today this street is Temple Avenue.

Town Information

Formed from Batavia, as "Willink" in 1804,
with a name change to Aurora in 1818,
Clarence was taken off in 1808, Buffalo in 1810,
Concord, Hamburgh, and Eden in 1812, Holland and Wales in 1818, and a part of Elma in 1857. It occupies nearly a central position in the county
includes Village of East Aurora and the Hamlets of Griffith Mills, Jewettville,
and West Falls

Town of Aurora Official Web site
Village of East Aurora Official Web site


Town of Aurora Assessor's Office
5 South Grove Street
East Aurora, New York 14052
(716) 652-0011

Chamber of Commerce

The Greater East Aurora Chamber of Commerce
431 Main Street,
East Aurora, NY 14052-1783
(716) 652-8444 (1-800-441-2881)

Clerk's Office

Town of Aurora Clerk's Office
(including Village of East Aurora)
Aurora Town Hall
5 South Grove St.
East Aurora, NY 14052
(716) 652-3280
Fax: 716 652-3507

Vital Statistics
Birth 1889 - Present
Death 1882 - 1903; 1914 - Present
Marriages 1904 - Present, etc.


Town of Aurora Historian
Donald Dayer
5 South Grove Street
East Aurora, NY 14052
(716) 652 - 3280 / 652 - 4286 652-8854/652-7944
Wednesdays 1-4 p.m.

Village of East Aurora Historian
Warren C. Moffett
404 Oakwood Ave.
East Aurora, NY 14052

Historical Museum & Society

Aurora Historical Society
5 South Grove Street
East Aurora, NY 14052
(716) 652 - 8854
Newsletter -
Aurora Historical Courier

Town Links
Land Owners on the Aurora Part of Elma

Local areas, Maps & zip codes
Map showing Aurora Township
Blakeley - Located in the southeastern part of the town.
East Aurora Located in the northeast part of the town.
Griffin Mills - Located in the southwestern part of the town;
Jewettville - Located in the southwest corner of the town.
South Wales - A hamlet shared between Aurora and the Town of Wales.
West Falls Located in the southwest corner of the town.


The East Aurora Adbertiser

Local researchers

Cemetery Records Of The War Veterans
Veterans buried in the Town of Aurora

Many Thanks to all who have contributed to this page

Donald Dayer, Town of Aurora Historian
Doris Ward


Gazetteer of the State of New York,
author, J.H. French, (R. Pearsall Smith, 1860, Syracuse, New York)
Talking Phone Book
United State Postal Service
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