Updated: 19 November 2003

Town of Boston
Erie County, New York

St. John's RC Church Cemetery
Mill St./Pfarner Road.

St. John's Church is a short distance away on Boston Cross Road.

This information is from tombstone readings taken summer of 2002 by
Tara Lowry Pfarner (Tbella9@aol.com ), along with some notes added from my research.
I am researching the Pfarner, Faulring, Rucker, and Gasper families,
among others, if you would like to exchange information.

 Special thanks to Tara Lowry Pfarner for her time and effort in gathering the readings for this cemetery.

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There are three concrete patches which appear to be bases for stones, no writing visible on them.
SPENGLER, John Edward "23 Nov. 1953, Family Historian"
(A very neat stone, has a family tree on the back, abbreviated: Nicholas - Jacob - Johannes - Markus - Gregory - Anton - Edward - Duane - John)
SPENGLER, Anton "1865-1915"
SPENGLER, Emma "1870-1929"
SPENGLER, Lorene "1893-1977" (above three in front of large Spengler monument)
SCHMITT, Christina "1860-1915 Mother"
BALL, Clara A. "1901-1957"
STROHM, Mary A. "1884-1974 Mother" (above three stones in front of large Schmitt monument)
STEWART, Dorris E. "nee Strohm, 17 Apr. 1922-7 Nov. 2000 Beloved Wife"
MASON, George T. "1909-1993 Son"
MASON, Lucille M. "1919-1996 wife of George"
MASON, John S. "1871-1919 Father"
MASON, Ida E. "1872-1947 Mother" (George is to the left of a large Mason monument, Lucille to its right, John and Ida are in front of it.)
SIKORA, Jan "1846-1925 Father"
SIKORA, Ida "1857-1933 Mother" (stone is beginning to crack and crumble)
LIEBLER, Frank N. "1877-1966"
LIEBLER, Clara T. "1892-1981"
LIEBLER, Nicholas B. "1866-1950"
LIEBLER, Mary M. "1868-1945" (above four are in front of Liebler monument)
LIEBLER, Louis H. 1921-1978
(this stone is in front of the Lieblers mentioned above, but next to a May monument; the stone only has the first name and dates, so the surname may be Liebler or May)
MAY, Harold D. "1918-(blank)"
MAY, Teresa E. "1924-1981" (one stone for Harold and Teresa)
MAY, Joseph J. "1895-1982" (stone has veteran sticker on it)
MAY, Victoria L. "1898-1962" (one stone for Joseph and Victoria)
MAY, Joseph Alton "July 18-20, 1983" (smaller, flat stone in front of Joseph J. May)
JEPSON, William A. "1895-1985"
JEPSON, Mary Fleissner "1892-1953" (one stone for William and Mary)
SCHWENK, Albert "1878-1932 Husband"
SCHWENK, Anna M. "1881-1962 Wife" (one stone for Albert and Anna)
NABER, John L. "1878-1964"
NABER, Clara M. "1885-1970"
NABER, Florence "1911-1926"
GEIGER, Oren L. "18 May 1906-24 June 1963 New York TEC4 SVC BTRY 538 FA BN WWII" (note: the Naber and Geiger families are related through marriage)
WEBER, Charles A. "1864-1936"
WEBER, Frank X. "1871-1958" (stone has a veteran sticker on it)
WEBER, Frances M. "1876-1976"
WEBER, Josephine "1864-1924"
McCALL, Florence E. "1881-1963"
WEBER, Mary M. (no dates)
WEBER, George A. "1883-1969"
WEBER, Jacob A. "1866-1949"
WEBER, Helen E. "1887-1948"
WEBER, Edward J. "4 Jan. 1905-9 Feb. 1956 New York LCDR USNR WWII" (flat stone directly in front of Jacob A. Weber)
PINEFROCK, Margaret "1912-1969"
FINK, Arthur C. "1896-1978"
FINK, Bernice M. "1908-1962"
WEBER, Edward J. "1905-1956" (stone has a veteran sticker on it; is same Edward J. mentioned above)
WEBER, Helen E. Lockwood "1902-1994"
(above fifteen stones are in front of the large Weber monument near the middle of the cemetery; there is a large cross to the right of the monument.
Each stone is shaped like a rounded triangle, and all are grouped closely together.)
KADER, George "1900-1901" (small funeral home marker)
SIKORA, Edward "1913-1966"
WITTMEYER, Clarence E. "1903-1993"
WITTMEYER, Stella A. "1908-1998" (one stone for Clarence and Stella)
WITTMEYER, Judith Ann "1938-1949" (to the left of Clarence and Stella)
BURKHARDT, Marjorie M. "27 June 1920-21 July 1976 The Lord is my Shepherd"
(Marjorie M. Faulring, daughter of Casper William and Emma Kohn Faulring; wife of Howard)
BURKHARDT, Howard J. "17 Sept. 1921-23 June 1964 New York TEC4 335 ASF Board WWII"
(Howard J. Burkhardt, husband of Marjorie, son of John and Dora Pfarner Burkhardt)
FAULRING, Matilda "1886-1909"
(Matilda Demerley, first wife of (Casper) William Faulring, daughter of Charles and Carrie Schunk Demerley)
FAULRING, William "1878-1944"
(Casper William Faulring, son of Casper John and Barbara Foerster Faulring)
FAULRING, Emma "1884-1947"
(Emma B. Kohn, second wife of (Casper) William Faulring, daughter of George and Barbara Herye Kohn)
(one stone for Matilda, William, and Emma)
ZAWODZINSKA, Catherine (badly sunken; any other information not visible)
MICHERDZINSKI, Maryanna Zawodzinska "1853-1928"
MICHERDZINSKI, Jacob "1874-1949"
MICHERDZINSKI, Maryanna "1875-1933"
ZAWODZINSKA, Catherine "1885-1933"
(one stone for above four, Maryanna and Catherine both have surname Zawodzinska; I am not sure if this is their maiden name?)
(separate stones in front for Jacob and Maryanna, no dates)
JEHLE, James J. "1921-2000"
JEHLE, Mary Anne "1932-(blank)" (living)
(one stone for James and Mary Anne; on back of stone is inscribed "United States Air Corp 20th Air Force World War II HDGT SQD 386th Air Service Group"; to left of Jehle monument)
CONRAD, Leo J. "1910-1995"
CONRAD, Lorraine M. "1910-1995" (one stone for Leo and Lorraine; to right of Jehle monument)
JEHLE, Andrew "1852-1921 Father"
JEHLE, Catherine "1857-1935 Mother" (Andrew and Catherine in front of Jehle monument)
JEHLE, Harold P. MD "1884-1964"
JEHLE, Jennie B. "1884-1968"
WEBER, Wendel "1856-1932"
WEBER, Isabelle A. Bonnet "1909-1956"
WEBER, William P. "1872-1952"
WEBER, Frank B. "1877-1952"
WEBER, Charles "1874-1960" (husband of Laura Pfarner)
WEBER, Laura "1882-1964"
(Laura Pfarner, wife of Charles Weber, daughter of Peter and Margaret Hout Pfarner)
(One stone for above six)
PATISTAS, Penney Ann "26 Aug. - 4 Dec. 1965 God Bless Our Baby"
WEBER, Cyrenius "1870-1942"
SAUER, Edwin E. "1908-1967"
SAUER, Margaret "1910-1998" wife of Edwin (one stone for above three; surname on stone is Weber-Sauer)
BRUNNER, Frank J. "1870-1952"
BRUNNER, Minnie E. "1875-1952"
RUCKER, Lt. Robert Lee "1918-1945 9th Combat Cargo Sq. Killed in Action, Burma, India Rest in Peace"
(son of Anthony and Louise Rucker, brother-in-law of LeRay F. Williams)
WILLIAMS, LeRay F. "28 Dec. 1916-11 Apr. 1999 PFC US Army Air Forces WWII"
(In Memory Of; on back of Robert Lee Rucker's stone)
RUCKER, Anthony J. "1886-1961" (Veteran Sticker on stone)
RUCKER, Louise R. "1884-1985"
(one stone for Anthony and Louise; inscription "Rest in Peace"; parents of Robert Lee Rucker)
WITTMEYER, Joseph H. "1882-1967"
WITTMEYER, Ida C. "1884-1956" (one stone for Joseph and Ida)
COX, R. Bruce "1943-1984 Our Son"
KOWALSKI, Martin "1867-1916 Father"
KOWALSKI, Anna "1871-1941 Mother" (one stone for Martin and Anna)
SIKORA, Alice "1891-1979 Mother"
SIKORA, Stanislaus "1882-1932 Father" (one stone for Alice and Stanislaus)
NOCHAJSKI, John J. "1926-1970"
(separate, older stone set in front: John J. Nochajski, New York TEC5 3348 QM Truck Co. WWII, birth date sunken, died 29 June 1970)
NOCHAJSKI, Odella M. "1930-1997" (one stone for John and Odella)
TAKACH, Stephen R. "1907-1973 Father"
TAKACH, Mary Ann "1905-1996 Mother" (one stone for Stephen and Mary Ann, inscription "Our Father Who Art in Heaven")
GREIG, William C. "1898-1946"
GREIG, Josephine "1900-1993"
(one stone for William and Josephine; above William's name, it says "Josephine 1901-1992" in smaller letters - a correction?)
WASSNER, Piotr "Tu spos um 25 sty. 1920 MAZ"
WASSNER, Theodore J. "1912-1992 Son"
WASSNER, Catherine "1871-1954 Mother" (one stone for Theodore and Catherine)
FRYDRYCHOWSKI, Louis "1894-1985"
FRYDRYCHOWSKI, Bronislawa "1896-1950" (one stone for Louis and Bronislawa)
ZIOLKO, Jan "1885-1949 Ojciec"
ZIOLKO, Franciszka "1880-1961 Matka" (one stone for Jan and Franciszka, has shifted on its base and looks ready to slide off)
SPORS, Bernhard N. "1903-1949"
SPORS, Margaret E. "1902-1985" (one stone for Bernhard and Margaret)
WRESZCZ, Francis "1863-1944"
WRESZCZ, Antonina "1872-1953" (one stone for Francis and Antonina)
WRZESZCZ, Adelaide "1896-1977"
WREST, Laura D. "1902-1966"
WREST, Leo A. "1911-1991"
WREST, Hubert J. "1925-1991 Son and Father"
WURTZ, Francis L. "1896-1918"
WURTZ, Kathryn A. "1898-1956"
LANGE, Magdelen E. "1909-1979"
LANGE, Arthur John "1913-1987"
WURTZ, Linus M. "1905-1958"
WURTZ, Martha M. "1898-2000"
WURTZ, Janet M."1930-(blank)" (living)
WURTZ, Margaret M. "1904-2000" (nee EMERLING; wife of Linus; mother of Janet)
WURTZ, Paul D. "1944-(blank)"
WURTZ, Henry J. "1901-1962"
WURTZ, Olive T. "1906-1991" (above eleven are near large Wurtz monument)
Upper section (between the upper driveway and the upper (west) fence
MAZUR, Maryanna "1888-1949 Mother"
MAZUR, John W. "1877-1963 Father" (one stone for John and Maryanna)
MAYER, Frank "1890-1967"
MAYER, Mary "1890-1982" (one stone for Frank and Mary)
WIEDERKEHR, J. Raymond "1899-1964"
WIEDERKEHR, Rosalie "1905-1989" (one stone for J. Raymond and Rosalie)
BURR, Fred "1883-1956"
BURR, Frances "1888-1965" (one stone for Fred and Frances)
KADER, John "1886-1984"
KADER, Frances "1899-1993" (one stone for John and Frances)
NOWAK, Mary Jane "1941-1950"
NOWAK, Michael L. "1943-1965 Son"
NOWAK, Ted M. "1905-1982 Husband"
NOWAK, Mary Ann "1909-1966 Wife"
KORABEK, Martha C. "1917-1946 Beloved Mother"
PFARNER, Carl L. "1917-1960"
PFARNER, Hilda L. "1915-(blank)" (one stone for Carl and Hilda; parents of Donald)
WINTER, Arthur J. "1905-1993"
(small metal funeral home marker; placed next to Hilda Pfarner's side of her and Donald's stone; Hilda's second husband)
OGDEN, Edith K. "1891-1954"
OGDEN, Roland M. "1893-1972"
GLUSZEK, Casimir "1885-1946"
GLUSZEK, Leonarda "1893-1966" (one stone for Casimir and Leonarda)
GLUSZEK, John "1915-2000"
GLUSZEK, Florence "1916-1990" (one stone for John and Florence)
OEDBAUER, Peter "1872-1945"
OEDBAUER, Katherine "1875-1970" (one stone for Peter and Katherine)
MALECKI, Antonia "1854-1931"
MALECKI, Stanislaus "1858-1935"
MALECKI, Michaelina "1888-1940" (one stone for above three)
GOLABEK, Joseph Jr. "1916-1928 Son"
GOLABEK, Joseph "1889-1942 Father" (small metal funeral home marker to left of stone reads "Joseph Golabek, 1890-1942")
GOLABEK, Louise "1887-1950 Mother"
KOPACZ, Valerie "1912-1987 Wife"
KOPACZ, John "1908-1978 Husband"
KOPACZ, Joseph "1878-1939 Father"
KOPACZ, Sophie "1880-1968 Mother" (one stone for above four; inscription is "Holy Mary Pray For Us"; has a statue of Mary)
KOWALSKI, John F. "1858-1942"
KOWALSKI, Mary F. "1874-1958" (one stone for John and Mary)
KOWALSKI, Sam Frank "1905-1965 Love"
KOWALSKI, Catherine "1912-1970 Love"
ROEHLING, Carl E. "1913-1998"
ROEHLING, Lillian M. "1920-1990" (one stone for Carl and Lillian)
GEBHARDT, Jesse G. "1910-(blank)"
(flat metal marker in front of this stone reads "Jesse G. Gebhardt, 19 Dec. 1909-5 July 1992 TEC 5 US Army WWII")
GEBHARDT, Lucille L. "1915-1989"
GEBHARDT, Donald G. "1958-(blank)" (one stone for Jesse, Lucille, and Donald)
WALKER, William R. "1945-1974"
WALKER, Bertha C. "1918-1962" (one stone for William and Bertha)
BEERING, Mathias "1892-1962"
BEERING, Christine "1902-1981" (one stone for Mathias and Christine)
KONDZIELA, Kazmiera M. "1915-1983"
WNEK, Jack P. "1919-1996"
\WNEK, Julia T. "1924-1990" (one stone for Jack and Julia)
ROME, Josephine "1915-1988 "Sophie" Mom"
ROME, Frank "1910-1993 Dad"
(one stone for Josephine and Frank; inscription is "Dad and Mom, we love you and miss you, oh so much")
DOMIN, Felix A. "1924-1999"
DOMIN, John W. "1922-(blank)" (one stone for Felix and John)
GAWRON-WILCZYNSKI, Diana "1943-(blank)"
GAWRON-WILCZYNSKI, Montgomery "1968-1998 "Monty" Son"
(one stone for Diana and Montgomery, inscription is "One by one going home to that joyful reunion, Hallelujah")
SAMPSON, Margaret "1942-1997"
FIEL, Jennifer L. "1962-1997"
GOLABEK, Mathew S. "1911-1980"
\GOLABEK, Joyce A. "1910-(blank)" (one stone for Mathew and Joyce)
MAY, Arthur J. "1926-(blank)"
MAY, Martha B. "1928-(blank)" (one stone for Arthur and Martha, inscription is "Always in my heart")
KIEBER, Daniel F. "1927-(blank)"
KIEBER, Marjorie M. "1928-1997 Beloved wife and mother" (one stone for Daniel and Marjorie)
KATREIN, Nicholas "1938-(blank)"
KATREIN, Elsie "1943-(blank) (one stone for Nicholas and Elsie, inscription is "In God's Care")
CHYRECK, Edward V. "1913-1974"
\CHYRECK, Marion T. "1913-(blank)" (one stone for Edward and Marion; has veteran sticker on it)
JABLONSKI, John "1908-1974"
\JABLONSKI, Josephine "?-1982"
(one stone for John and Josephine; birth date for Josephine is scratched out - looks as if it was entered incorrectly and is in the process of being changed)
THOMPSON, Kevin "1952-1991 What the Heart Has Once Known It Shall Never Forget"
POHLE, Charles V. "1914-1993 Beloved Uncle"
WEHRFRITZ, Charles J. "1905-1999 Father"
\WEHRFRITZ, Mildred A. "1903-1998 Mother"
\WEHRFRITZ, Herbert J. "1935-(blank) Son"
Upper section (between upper access road and upper fence)
POLONKIEWICZ, Walter M. "1922-1999"
\POLONKIEWICZ, Cecilia S. "1923-(blank)" (one stone for Walter and Cecilia)
KUJAWA, Mary "1911-1995 Mother"
POLONKIEWICZ, Joseph M. "1913-1953"
\POLONKIEWICZ, Michael "1872-1947"
\POLONKIEWICZ, Anna "1882-1970" (one stone for Joseph, Michael, and Anna)
THIEL, Albert "1895-1980 Son"
\THIEL, Anthony "1866-1938 Father"
\THIEL, Katherine "1871-1961 Mother"
THIEL, Lauren "1894-1971 Son" (above four in front of large Thiel monument)
MILLER, Rosemarie "1941-1942 Our Baby"
LARUSCH, Henry "1873-1963"
LARUSCH, Pauline "1872-1949" (one stone for Henry and Pauline)
LARUSCH, Elmer M. "1904-1958"
HENDRIX, Frances P. "31 March 1930-13 Feb. 1990 Our Ma"
BETHGE, Arthur E. R. "1908-1950 Beloved Husband and Father"
WHITE, William E. "1906-1983"
WHITE, Madge C. Bethge "1911-1983" (one stone for William and Madge; Veteran sticker on William's)
SIKORA, Adam J. "12 Dec. 1915-17 Aug. 1999 S SGT US ARMY" (small, flat stone in front of John and Mary Sikora; has Veteran sticker)
SIKORA, John "1890-1971"
SIKORA, Mary "1891-1968" (one stone for John and Mary)
HAM, George P. "1910-(blank)"
HAM, Catherine C. "1910-1967" (one stone for George and Catherine; his has a Veteran sticker and a Fire Department plaque)
SWEENEY, Emily "died 17 Aug. 1914, aged 62 years" (a small, flat stone to the left of Emily says "Mother")
ARMBRUSTER, Leon M. "1887-1961"
ARMBRUSTER, Rose L. "1894-1988" (one stone for Leon and Rose; his has a Veteran sticker)
FLEISSNER, Paul J. "1890-1974"
FLEISSNER, Felicie F. "1887-1982" (one stone for Paul and Felicie)
ENSER, Lawrence "1903-1970"
ENSER, Jennie "1900-1990" (one stone for Lawrence and Jennie; his has a Veteran sticker)
MITCHELL, George W. "1867-1945"
MITCHELL, Flora M. "1869-1949" (one stone for George and Flora)
SCHOENTHALER, Amelia "1879-1947"
SCHOENTHALER, Father "1846-1937"
SCHOENTHALER, Mother "1849-1927"
SCHOENTHALER, George A. "1885-1927"
(above four are individual stones in front of large Schoenthaler monument)
LUTOMSKI, Victoria "1905-1968"
LUTOMSKI, John "1845-1932 Father"
LUTOMSKI, Mary "1863-1945 Mother" (one stone for Victoria, John, and Mary)
POKOJSKI, Joseph "1898-1933 Father"
POKOJSKI, Mary "1895-1947 Mother" (one stone for Joseph and Mary)
GRABIANOWSKI, Fred "1890-1943 Father"
GRABIANOWSKI, Rose "1895-1972 Mother" (one stone for Fred and Rose)
SIEJACK, Stanley (Joe) "1935-1996"
SIEJACK, Irene R. "1935-(blank)" (one stone for Stanley and Irene)
SIEJACK, Stanley "1894-1963 Father"
SIEJACK, Pearl "1903-1956 Mother"
(one stone for Stanley and Pearl; a small, flat stone behind Stanley indicates his military service:
"NY CO E 302 Ammunition TN WWII 5 Nov. 1894-31 Oct. 1963")
SIEJACK, Raymond S. "1928-1985 Husband"
SIEJACK, Helen L. "1929-2001 Wife"
(one stone for Raymond and Helen; a small, flat stone indicates Raymond's military service: "CPL US Army Korea 10 Sept 1928-3 Aug 1985")
KESSLER, Albert N. "1895-1958"
KESSLER, Frances C. "1898-1969" (one stone for Albert and Frances)
SIMMETH, Joseph "1870-1951"
SIMMETH, Frances "1873-1959" (one stone for Joseph and Frances)
COBURN, John R. "1911-1966 Father"
COBURN, Mary J. "1914-1993 Mother" (one stone for John and Mary)
COBURN, Helen R. "1890-1976"
MCHUGH, Dorothy H. "1914-1994"
MCHUGH, Eugene C. "1918-(blank)" (one stone for Dorothy and Eugene)
ADAMSKI, Susan Carol "3 April 1947-7 April 1947"
WORTHINGTON, Rosemarie R. "5 Oct. 1941-3 May 1949"
WORTHINGTON, Juliann E. "11 June 1959"(one stone for above three)
ADAMSKI, Stanley M. "12 Sept 1884-17 Sept 1945"
ADAMSKI, Juliann E. "13 July 1882-26 July 1971" (one stone for Stanley and Juliann)
KALLAS, Christine A. Berta "1949-1967"
SZTANDERSKI, Jan "1921-1967"
SZTANDERSKI, Stella "1927-(blank)"
(one stone for Jan and Stella, with inscription "God gives us love, something to love he lends us")
STOBECKI, Walter "1885-1967"
STOBECKI, Mary "1893-1978" (one stone for Walter and Mary)
KILLIAN, John H. "1891-1952 Father"
KILLIAN, Anna T. "1906-(blank) Mother" (one stone for John and Anna; John's side has a Veteran sticker)
LAKE, George C. "1906-1945" (has a Veteran sticker)
LIEBLER, Leonard W. "1902-1989"
LIEBLER, Lauretta "1903-1991" (one stone for Leonard and Lauretta, with inscription "In God's Care")
LIEBLER, John "1865-1941"
LIEBLER, Anna K. "1863-1953" (one stone for John and Anna)
GRABIANOWSKI, Frank "1849-1926"
GRANIANOWSKI, Anna "1851-1926 His Wife" (one stone for Frank and Anna)
WEBER, Pearl E. "1890-1934"
DEMERLY, Dorothy Weber "1880-1927"
PERRY, Damon Weber "1936-1943 Our DarlingÉAnd He leads His children on to the place where He has gone"
ECKERT, Margaret "1845-1933"
ECKERT, Jacob "1835-1919 Co D. 116 NY Inf"
OLEJNICZAK, Ignatz "1891-1973"
OLEJNICZAK, Clara "1895-1958" (one stone for Ignatz and Clara)
BOWMAN, Anna "1878-1921"
OLEJNICZAK, Jozefa "Mother Um 19 Marca 1847 Um 11 LipCa 1917 Prosiozdrowas Marya"
(? Inscription is worn and I don't know the language to read it in context)
"The first part is her name, Um stands for dies, although it says she died twice.
I think the first should not be Um, but it should be born on March 19, 1847 and the second date should be died July 11, 1917.
The last two things mean basically to pray for her". (Polish)
Translated by Joanne Diegelman
SCHMITZ, Leo "1893-1972"
SCHMITZ, Mary L. "1899-1991 Mother"
RIEHLE, Susan M. "1874-1959"
RIEHLE, George "1839-1917"
RIEHLE, Rose "1840-1921"
RIEHLE, Edward M. "1877-1960"
MAY, Jacob "1850-1927"
MAY, Mary "1857-1924 His Wife"
(one stone for Jacob and Mary; small flat stones on each side: "Mother" to the right; "Father" to the left)
LIEBNER, Elizabeth "1880-1964"
ADAMSKI, Harold J. "1926-1970 Husband"
(stone in front makes reference to his military service: "NY TEC 5 84 Chemical Mortan BN WWII 10 Feb 1926-9 Dec 1970")
GASPER, Adolph M. "1896-1970"
GASPER, Elizabeth M. "1897-1973" (one stone for Adolph and Elizabeth; Adolph's has a Veteran sticker)
GASPER, Ruth J. "1930-1942" (*probably a daughter of Adolph and Elizabeth)
GASPER, Raymond John "1924-1999" (*"Stretch"; son of Adolph and Elizabeth; died 17 Nov. 1999)
POKOJSKI, Josephine "1913-1990 Wife"
POKOJSKI, William "1909-1972 Husband"
(one stone for Josephine and William with the inscription "Rest in Peace"; his has a Veteran sticker)
POKOJSKI, John "1864-1945 Father"
POKOJSKI, Teofilia "1869-1939 Mother" (one stone for John and Teofilia)
WALLA, Joseph H. "1893-1964"
WALLA, Agnes H. "1900-1976" (one stone for Joseph and Agnes)
WALLA, Helen Marie "1922-1931" (small metal marker next to Joseph and Agnes)
STEFANIAK, Katherine "1857-1939"
GIER, Peter "1860-1935"
GIER, Mary "1859-1935" (one stone for Peter and Mary)
GIER, Walter "1903-1951"
GIER, Mildred "1904-1976" (one stone for Walter and Mildred)
MAZELLA, Frank Sr. "1898-1967"
MAZELLA, Emma "1898-1970"
MAZELLA, Frank Jr. "1924-1935" (one stone for above three)
McELLIGOTT, Arlene A. "1930-1999 Loving Mother Forever in our Hearts"
HOWARD, Lillian "1903-1977"
WOLF, Bernice "1915-1934"
WOLF, Raymond "1911-1932"
OWEN, Cora "1924-1927"
DORFER, F. Joseph "1851-1931"
DORFER, Mary A. "1858-1948"
DORFER, Otto "1884-1965" (one stone for F. Joseph, Mary, and Otto)
KROLCZYK, Anthony "1852-1948 Father"
KROLCZYK, Maryanna "1853-1939"
KROLCZYK, William "1892-1969"
KROLCZYK, Mary "1904-1981" (one stone for Anthony, Maryanna, William, and Mary)
KONDZIELA, Martin S. "1886-1949 Father"
KONDZIELA, Mary P. "1886-1936 Mother" (one stone for Martin and Mary)
BANKO, Frank C. "1908-1996"
BANKO, Frances A. "1910-1985" (one stone for Frank and Frances)
WENDLING, Harold M. "1914-1987"
(a small metal funeral home marker; has a military marker but there was a large urn of flowers on it at the time of my visit)
KRENCIK, Anna "1889-1980"
BANKO, George "1876-1957"
KADER, Helen "1902-1970"
KADER, August "1892-1987" (one stone for Helen and August)
RUCKER, Albert "1885-1957"
RUCKER, Elizabeth "1888-1971"
(one stone for Albert and Elizabeth; Elizabeth was listed in other sources as Elisabetha Enser; Albert Bernard Rucker,
born 28 Feb. 1885, son of John and Johanna
Gasper Rucker)
FELDMAN, Carl L. "1935-1955 Son"
FELDMAN, Leonard A. "1905-1988"
FELDMAN, Olive C. "1907-1991" (one stone for Leonard and Olive)
KOZA, Margaret "1887-1957"
KOZA, Joseph M. " 1882-1954"
GERWITZ, Bradley "August 28, 1958"
GERWITZ, Jeffrey "3 March 1956-10 Dec. 1956"
GERWITZ, Angela "May 3, 1963"
(one stone for Bradley, Jeffrey, and Angela; inscription on back:
"Somewhere over the rainbow/ We will always miss, love, need our little saints")
KOBIOLKA, Andrew F. "1910-1978" (has a Veteran sticker)
KOBIOLKA, Andrew "1877-1961"
KOBIOLKA, Anna "1878-1970" (one stone for Andrew F., Andrew, and Anna, has inscription: "My Jesus Mercy")
ADAMS, Joseph E. "1941-1979"
ADAMS, Edward S. "1905-1960"
ADAMS, Georgiana A. "1910-1960" (one stone for Edward and Georgiana)
KULIK, Frank J. "1914-1990"
KULIK, Irene T. Walla "1920-(blank)" (one stone for Frank and Irene)
MENTLEWSKI, Walter "1891-1961"
MENTLEWSKI, Katherine "1890-1967"
MENTLEWSKI, Chester W. "1914-1985" (has a Veteran sticker)
MENTLEWSKI, Blanche E. "1915-(blank)" (one stone for Walter, Katherine, Chester, and Blanche)
RYCHLIK, Walter T. "1914-1989 Father"
RYCHLIK, Adeline T. "1918-1979 Mother" (one stone for Walter and Adeline)
RYCHLIK, James A. "1950-1958 Son"
DOLE, Scott C. "28 Aug. 1964-13 June 1976 Desiderata"
DOLE, Daniel D. "29 Nov. 1960-1 Feb. 1988 Beloved Son"
ANDRES, Carl L. "3 Aug. 1908-11 Oct. 1978 PFC US Army WWII"
ANDRES, Hilda C. "26 June 1908-(blank)"
MILLER, Roswell A. "1900-1986"
MILLER, Clara E. "1905-1989"
MILLER, Henry M. "1936-1956"
MILLER, Carl A. "1938-1957" (one stone for Roswell, Clara, Henry, and Carl)
FOSTER, Vernon D. "1899-1974"
FOSTER, Lucy M. "1895-1984" (one stone for Vernon and Lucy)
WARSITZ, Arthur A. "1898-1964"
WARSITZ, Genevieve E. "1891-1968" (one stone for Arthur and Genevieve)
WEBER, L. Martin "1897-1972"
WEBER, Christine B. "1890-1982" (one stone for L. Martin and Christine, with inscription: "Rest in Peace")
WENDLING, Leo J. "1880-1965"
WENDLING, Mary M. "1879-1958" (one stone for Leo and Mary)
WNEK, Peter "1957-1993"
BAUER, Viola E. "1899-1988"
BAUER, George W. "1896-1976 Pvt. US Army WWI"
PFANNER, Agnes C. "1936-1953 Daughter"
BAILEY, Forrest K. "1934-1994"
PFANNER, Rollin M. "1903-1984 Dad"
PFANNER, Delia C. "1901-1973 Mom" (one stone for Rollin and Delia)
EMERLING, Robert "1922-(blank)"
EMERLING, Jane "1925-(blank)" (one stone for Robert and Jane)
EMERLING, Harold "1922-1995"
EMERLING, Janette "1925-(blank)" (one stone for Harold and Janette)
(Robert, Jane, Harold, and Janette are in front of a monument to the Carl N. Emerling family)
CROTTY, Joseph A. "1903-1989"
CROTTY, Margaret A. "1909-(blank)" (one stone for Joseph and Margaret)
CROTTY, Margaret M. "August 1955"
DANIEU, John R. "1911-1966"
DANIEU, Alice K. "1918-1977" (one stone for John and Alice)
DANIEU, Thomas R. "1942-1965"
SASSO, Anna "1897-1976" (small metal funeral home marker)
ZIOLKO, John "1911-1966 Husband"
ZIOLKO, Violet "1912-(blank) Wife" (one stone for John and Violet)
SZUDZIK, Frank L. "1911-1984 Husband"
SZUDZIK, Victoria J. "1914-(blank) Wife" (one stone for Frank and Victoria)
BLOOM, Albert F. "6 April 1931-10 June 1994 Husband Father Papa"
(also has a metal military marker with the inscription: "Sgt US Army Korea")
BLOOM, Dorothy V. "4 July 1935-(blank)" (one stone for Albert and Dorothy)
WEAKLAND, Roy P. "14 Feb. 1946-10 Dec. 1996" (has a Veteran sticker)
WEAKLAND, Janet A. "23 June 1948-(blank)"
(one stone for Roy and Janet; on back is the inscription: "Roy P. Weakland US Army Vietnam
Feb. 14, 1946-Dec. 10, 1996 Purple Heart and OLC")
POPEK, Frank "1902-1984 Husband"
POPEK, Sophie R. "1906-1972 Wife" (one stone for Frank and Sophie)
POPEK, George J. "1896-1973"
POPEK, Michael Jr. "1900-1974" (one stone for George and Michael)
MACIEJEWSKI, Pauline "1893-1974"
EMERLING, Carl N. "1890-1953"
EMERLING, Hattie "1890-1975"
EMERLING, Jerome M. "1916-1982"
EMERLING, Helen M. "1919-(blank)"
(stones for Carl, Hattie, Jerome, and Helen are in front of the Carl N. Emerling family monument)
EMERLING, Sara Jane "1951 Baby"
EMERLING, Maurice J. "1919-(blank)"
EMERLING, Pearl M. "1920-(blank)"
(stones for Sara Jane, Maurice, and Pearl are behind the Carl N. Emerling family monument)
RYCHLIK, Frank J. "1915-1976"
TANNER, James D. "1919-1986 MSGT US Army WWII"
KITA, Anthony E. Sr. "1918-1916" (has a Veteran sticker)
KITA, Charlotte S. "1918-1973" (one stone for Anthony and Charlotte)
FIEGL, Donald R. "4 Feb. 1931-14 Jan. 2001 PVT US Army Korea"
MANSFIELD, William J. "1918-1985" (has a Veteran sticker)
MANSFIELD, Rita R. "1923-(blank)" (one stone for William and Rita)
CIIINCIONE, Joseph "1938-1984" (small metal funeral home marker)
ZYBLEWSKI, Alfred R. "1918-1986"
ZYBLEWSKI, Katherine "1919-1999" (one stone for Alfred and Katherine)
ZYBLEWSKI, Jane Marie "1966-1974 Daughter I Pray Thee Lord My Soul To Keep"
BOESL, Richard C. "Feb. 1-June 5, 1966"
SUJA, Elizabeth M. "1913-1976"
BERKET, Regis F. II "1936-1975"
SOLAK, George A. "1895-1966"
SOLAK, Mary A. "1891-1994" (one stone for George and Mary)
KITA, Eugenia "1921-1964"
KITA, Edward "1924-(blank)" (one stone for Eugenia and Edward)
HERNIMAN, Lisa Ann "October 1973 Baby"
RYCHLIK, John "1881-1972" (has a Fire Company member plaque)
RYCHLIK, Frances "1889-1973" (one stone for John and Frances)
RYCHLIK, Stanley C. "1919-2000"
RYCHLIK, Louise M. "1923-1993" (one stone for Stanley and Louise)
SCHWARTZ, Robert J. "1930-1999" (has a Veteran sticker)
SCHWARTZ, Rosemary W. "1931-(blank)" (one stone for Robert and Rosemary)
LOGEL, Roland Lyons "October 18, 1997"
LYONS, Alice M. "17 Sept. 1922 - 14 Oct. 1995 PHM 3 US Navy WWII"
(also has a small funeral home marker stating "Alice Mae Lyons 1922-1995)
LYONS, Thomas J. "1922-1992 Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII 8th Air Force PH and POW"
LYONS, Catherine "1888-1978 Grandmother"
MARTIN, Amelia "1898-1979 Grandmother"
MEAD, Gerald C. "1932-1977 Dad"
MEAD, Margaret E. "1932-1999 Mom" (one stone for Gerald and Margaret, stating "The Mead Family")
STROMECKI, Kevin L. "1959-1971 Our Drummer Boy"
STROMECKI, Leo G. "1934-1983"
STROMECKI, Charlotte M. "1935-(blank)" (one stone for Leo and Charlotte, with the inscription: "Love is Forever")
QUINN, Thomas R. "22 June 1920-26 Aug. 1970 MOMM 3 US Navy WWII"
KADER, Clarence "1908-1999"
KADER, Bertha "1918-(blank)" (one stone for Clarence and Bertha)
AST, John B. "25 Sept. 1955-4 Aug. 1974 L CPL US Marine Corps"
CLARK, Bruce E. Jr. "1956-1977 Son BTFA US Navy" (has two stones)
LANDWEHR, Diana K. "1946-(blank) Mother"
LANDWEHR, E. Scott "1972-1988 Son"
LANDWEHR, Ralph E. "1948-(blank) Father" (one stone for Diana, E. Scott, and Ralph)
SIKORA, Mary A. "1896-1979"
AST, John P. "1929-2001"
URBANEK, Joseph "25 March 1932-6 April 1991 CPL US Army Korea"
MAY, Earl N. "24 June 1912-22 Nov. 1996"
MAY, Rose F. "13 Jan. 1918-5 Feb. 2001" (one stone for Earl and Rose; Rose's maiden name was Clauss)
CLAUSS, Anthony J. "1890-1949"
CLAUSS, Katherine M. "1891-1979" (one stone for Anthony and Katherine)
GOLABEK, Edward "1929-2001"
(at the time of my reading, the permanent stone was covered by wood, and a small metal funeral home marker was present)
BARRETT, Debra Sue "1962-1977" (small metal funeral home marker)
KOWALSKI, Cecilia T. "1905-1990"
KOWALSKI, Bernard L. "1904-1976" (one stone for Cecilia and Bernard)
BULERA, John G. "1935-1982 Husband" (has a Veteran sticker)
BULERA, Carol A. "1941-(blank) Wife" (one stone for John and Carol)
AUER, Henry C. "1911-1971"
AUER, Virginia J. "1917-1990" (one stone for Henry and Virginia)
SCHMITT, Eugene H. "2 April 1941-15 July 1978 SP 5 US Army"
SCHMITT, Isabelle "1944-(blank)"
(one stone for Eugene and Isabelle, with the inscription "Married August 26, 1961"; Eugene also has a separate military marker)
BOLT, Alfred J. "1895-1979"
BOLT, Teresa E. "1895-1971" (one stone for Alfred and Teresa)
PERLEY, Alex J. "1908-1998 Husband"
PERLEY, Irene C. "1908-(blank) Wife" (one stone for Alex and Irene)
PFARNER, Donald C. "1945-1978"
PFARNER, Cleo A. "1946-(blank)" (one stone for Donald and Cleo)
FRANCZ, Herbert F. "1921-1971 Dad Navy WWII"
FRANCZ, Esther T. "1927-(blank) Mom" (one stone for Herbert and Esther)
SIMMETH, Joseph "1891-1980"
SIMMETH, Ida "1907-1992"
SIMMETH, Joseph A. "1932-(blank) US Navy" (one stone for Joseph, Ida, and Joseph A.)
SMYTH, Harry J. "1913-1979"
SMYTH, June "1916-1984 (one stone for Harry and June)
DOYLE, Raymond E. "1899-1973"
DOYLE, Gertrude "1903-1979"
(one stone for Raymond and Gertrude; also a separate military stone for Raymond, stating "20 Aug. 1899-16 July 1973 Sep Stme NY PVT US Army WWI")
FRANKLIN, Douglas J. "1920-2000 Husband"
FRANKLIN, Ethel M. "1921-1974 Wife" (one stone for Douglas and Ethel)
NICHOLAS, Howard A. "1922-1974" (a separate stone states "CPL US Marine Corps Oct. 7, 1922-Dec. 24, 1974")
NICHOLAS, Lynn Marie "1955-1976"
(a separate stone states "SP 4 US Army Vietnam July 15, 1955-Dec. 22, 1976") (one stone for Howard and Lynn)
JANISH, Karl R. "1922-(blank) Father"
JANISH, Wilda M. "1919-1987 Mother"
(one stone for Karl and Wilda; on back is the inscription "For life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon,
and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.")
BRAUN, Robert "1928-(blank)"
BRAUN, Joyce "1931-(blank)"
BRAUN, Barbara "1960-1992" (one stone for Robert, Joyce, and Barbara)
HAHN, Amanda L. "1979-1998"
BROGAN, David M. "1999-1999"
BALCERAK, Joan "1916-2000 She Served"
DOWNEY, William R. "1933-(blank)"
DOWNEY, Dorothy G. "1931-(blank)" (one stone for William and Dorothy)
RYNGWALSKI, Richard "1924-1984" (a separate military stone states "CPL US Marine Corps WWII 27 Oct. 1923-3 Jan. 1984")
RYNGWALSKI, Letitia "1929-(blank) (one stone for Richard and Letitia)
TRIPPI, John "1922-1983" (has a Veteran sticker)
TRIPPI, Olive Irene "1923-1981" (one stone for John and Olive)
BROWNE, James P. "26 June 1934-12 Dec. 1984 A2 C US Air Force"
RUTECKI, Edward D. "1950-1983 Our Beloved Sonny"
SPAULDING, William James "1923-1996" (a separate stone states "US Army WWII")
SPAULDING, Catherine "1926-(blank)" (one stone for William and Catherine)
OLSZEWSKI, Mary F. "1910-1998"
OLSZEWSKI, Veronica "1910-(blank)" (one stone for Mary and Veronica, with the inscription "Beloved Twin Sisters")
LAKE, George C. "1932-1980" (has a Veteran sticker)
LAKE, Geraldine I. "1934-(blank)" (one stone for George and Geraldine)
JANKER, William O. "1915-1983"
JANKER, Margaret E. "1916-1981" (one stone for William and Margaret)

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