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Town of Brant Cemeteries
including Brant Center and Farnham
Erie County, New York

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Town Brant

Abandoned Cemetery - Located about one mile North of the intersection of Route 249 and Route 5 in
Farnham on the East side of the highway next to the Catholic Cemetery.
Catholic Cemetery - This cemetery contains five stones.
Brant Cemeteries Association
Fuller Cemetery - Milestrip Rd and Route 323.
Holy Spirit Cemetery ~ Mile Block and Brant Rds
There were originally two Catholic parishes in the Village of North Collins--Sacred Heart for the Italian-speaking families
and St. John's for the English-speaking families. About 1950 they were merged into Holy Spirit Parish.
The other two church properties were sold and neither of the original church buildings exist at this time.
Holy Spirit Lutheran Cemetery - Route 249, Contact: Vinnie Pontillo ( 716 ) 337-2106
Huson Cemetery - M.E. Church in Brant was located where the Brant Town Hall is now located,
and the cemetery for this church was located at Route 249 and the Mile Block Roads
and is presently called the Huson Cemetery (almost in North Collins) and is covered over with weeds.
Husted (Stickney) Cemetery - Mile Block and Brant Rds see Stickney Cemetery
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery ~ Route 249 Brant-Farnham Rd., Contact: Church (716) 549-2418
Sacred Heart Cemetery - Located at the intersection of Route 249 and Mile Block Road.
Outside the Village of North Collins, it's in the Town of Brant.
Stickney Cemetery see Husted Cemetery
Unnamed Cemetery - Located on Milestrip Road, one half mile west of the junction of
Miletripe Road and Route 323 (Is this Fuller Cemetery?)

Brant Center

Brant Cemetery - Route 249, North Collins Rd just, east of Brant on north side of road) one-half mile East of Brant Center.
Contact: Donald Carbeck (716)549-2340 Located on the grounds to the rear of the tool shed is an area of unmarked graves,
consisting of infants, children of farm laborers and adults who were either unidentified or could not afford the cost of a lot.
The unidentified were killed as the result of being hit by trains passing through the area. A few stones with
German inscriptions have been translated into English.

Hamlet of Farnham

St.Anthony's Cemetery - Route 5, Contact: Rectory (716) 549-1159
Farnham Holy Cross Lutheran Cemetery
Just off Route 249, or Commercial Street, behind the Holy Cross Lutheran Church. The cemetery is in well kept condition
but many of the stones are becoming illegible. Contact: James Woods ( 716 ) 549-0062
Shaw Cemetery -
Shaw Cemetery - Located on the Milestrip Road, one-half mile West from the intersection of Route 323 and Milestrip.
East side of Route 5 and 249, adjoins St.Anthony's Church First burial 1848, last in 1867. Only 5 headstone remains. 
St. John's Cemetery was located at the intersection of Route 62 and Shirley Road. At that time there was a non-denominational cemetery
located right next door. It was purchased and became part of what is now one section of Holy Spirit Cemetery.
The old Sacred Heart Cemetery is the other section of Holy Spirit Cemetery.
There were originally two Catholic parishes in the Village of North Collins--Sacred Heart for the Italian-speaking families
and St. John's for the English-speaking families. About 1950 they were merged into Holy Spirit Parish and a new church-school-convent
complex was built. The other two church properties were sold and neither of the original church buildings exist at this time.
Many of the residents of the Town of Brant were of German origin
and this is reflected in the number of inscriptions which are in
German. This also accounts for the fact that many of the names have
been changed in spelling from one generation to another, a fact that is noted in this record.
The German inscriptions have also been translated into English for ease of reading.

Town Information
BRANDT(1) - was formed from Collins and Evans, March 25, 1839.
It lies upon the shore of Lake Erie, in the S.W. corner of the co.
The surface is generally level, with a gentle inclination toward the lake. Cattaraugus Creek forms a part of the S. boundary. The other principal streams are Big Sister, Delaware, and Muddy Creeks. The soil is generally a gravelly loam intermixed with clay. Brandt (p.v.) contains 20 houses. Mill Branch (Farnham p.o.) is the Saw Mill Station on the B. & E.R.R., and contains 30 houses. The first settlement was made in 1817, by Moses Tucker,(2) The first religious services were conducted by Benj. Olmsted,
in 1820. A union church is the only one in town.
(1)Named from Col. Joseph Brant, the Mohawk chief.
His Indian name was "Tha-yan-da-nee-gah," said to signify "wood partly burned," or "a brand;" and as the Indians are unable to distinguish d from
t in their pronunciation, it became Brant. - Asher Wright, Missionary at the Cattaraugus Reservation.
(2)John, Robert, and Major Campbell, and John West, settled in the town in 1808, and Ansel Smith, Robt. and Wm. Grannis, and Benj. Olmsted, in 1819. The first birth was that of a son of John West, in 1818; the first marriage, that of Levi Grannis and Leah Hallida, in 1819; and the first death, that of Matthew West, in 1822. The first mill was built by Sam'l Butts, in 1822; the first inn was kept by Josephus Hubbard, in 1825; and the first store, by Milton Morse, in 1835. Julia Bradley taught the first school, in 1823.
 Gazetteer of the State of New York, author, J.H. French

Clerk's Office
Town of Brant Clerk
Town Clerk
1294 Brant - North Collins Rd.
Brant, NY 14027
(716) 549-0282
Village of Farham Clerk
Village Clerk
526 Commercial St.
Farnham, NY 14061
(716) 549-0890
Fax (716) 549-7149
Village of Gowanda Clerk
Village Clerk
27 East Main St.
Gowanda, NY 14070
(716) 532-3353


Historical Museum & Society
Brant Historical Society
9410 Boston State Road
Boston, New York 14025
(7160 941-5139
Gowanda Area Historical Society

Town Links
Wally MacDowell's Web Site
1870 - United States, Brant, New York
(Brant Post Office ) Bill Walker

Local areas, Maps & zip codes

Brant - 14027
Farham - 14061
Gowanda - 14070


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