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Town of Cheektowaga Cemeteries
including the Villages of Depew and Sloan
Erie County, New York

(MF) Microfilm (B) Book

Town of Cheektowaga

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  1. Ahavas Achim Synagogue Cemetery, Pine Ridge Rd, Cheektowaga Jewish
  2. Ahavas Achim see Congregation B'nai Shalom
  3. Ahavas Achim Lubovitch Cemetery ~ Yahrzeit list supplied by Leonard Spialter spialtel-AT-dmapud.dma.org Jewish
  4. Ahavath Sholem Cemetery (Jefferson shul) - Pine Ridge Rd (corner of expressway, Exit) (716) 838 - 5110 Jewish
  5. Anshe Ames - Pine Ridge Road (Jewish Federation)
  6. Anshe Lebovitz (Congregetion B'nai Shalom) Pine Ridge Rd
  7. B'nai Israel Cemetery - Pine Ridge Road at Maryvale Drive (corner of expressway exit) (Jewish Federation)
  8. B'rith Abraham Cemetery - Pine Ridge Road: 1886 - 1895 International Order of B'rith Abraham Lodge Jewish
  9. B'rith Israel-Anshe Ames Cemetery - Pine Ridge Road, corner of Expressway Exit ( Route 33 ) (Jewish Federation) - Former Russian Cong.
  10. B'rith Shalom Cemetery 1886 - 1895 - Pine Ridge Road at Maryvale Drive (Jewish Federation)
    ( Old & New Sections ) Former Pine Street Cong. (Jewish Federation)
  11. Benia Isreal Cemetery ~ Pine Ridge Road Jewish
  12. Bennett Family Cemetery ( Private ) 1810 - Walden and Harlem Road, over 100 sites
  13. Beth David Cemetery - Annex Temple Shaarey Zedek ~ Pine Ridge Rd Jewish
  14. Beth El Cemetery (New) 1865 see Temple Beth El Cemetery.- Pine Ridge Road at Maryvale Drive Jewish
  15. Beth El Cemetery (Old) - Pine Ridge Road Temple has a small list of interments. Jewish
  16. Bethel Cemetery (Old) 1849 - Polish Jews Jewish
  17. Bethel Cemetery (New) 1861 see Jacobson Society
  18. Beth Israel Cemetery - Pine Ridge Road (corner of expressway exit) Jewish
  19. Beth Jacob Cemetery: 1886 -1904 Jewish
  20. Inscriptions July 28, 1990; This is an old Jewish Cemetery, also known as the Doat Street Cemetery, at the end of Lanford St., in Buffalo, NY. Comment by Sally Bruckheimer: I have been told that the burial records have been lost. Few people in Buffalo seem to know of its existance. Many of the tombstones have Hebrew inscriptions which we cannot read and therefore have not included. Those stones with only Hebrew inscriptions have not been included in the listing. Sally Bruckheimer, 45 S. Cayuga Rd. Apt B4, Williamsville, NY 14221)
    This work transcribed by Jane Clement and Sally Bruckheimer
  21. Beth Zion Cemetery 1864 - 1865 - Pine Ridge Road; One of Three Burial Sections, German Jews. Jewish
  22. Beth Zion Cemetery ~ Ridge Road at Maryvale Drive see Jacobson Society
  23. Brenner - Capellar Family Cemetery see Capellar-Brenner Family Cemetery
  24. B'rith Israel Cemetery Jewish
  25. B'nai Shalom Cemetery see Congregation B'nai Shalom
  26. Buffalo Cemetery 1896 - 1904 (B) Pine Ridge Road at Genesee Street (716) 892-6660, Branch of Buffalo Private Cemetery
    (Buffalo Cemetery hasn't been called Potter's Field since 1920)
  27. Buffalo Cemetery Map ~ from the Schwert Family Cemetery Maps of Buffalo, New York. (Location Map)*
  28. Buffalo Cemetery Association - Pine Ridge Road at Genesee Street (716) 892-6660
  29. Cappellar - Brenner Family Cemetery - Losson Road, Between Borden and Union Roads,
    Near where Railroad Bridge were located. Less than 1 mile from Union Road.
    Cheektowaga, NY 14227 Relocated where ?
  30. Cemetery B'rith Israel see B'rith Israel
  31. Cemetery Ahavas Achim see Congregation B'nai Shalom
  32. Chapel Cemetery (B) see Our Lady Help of Christian Roman Catholic Church Cemetery
  33. Cheektowaga Potters Field Cemetery - Transit Road at Genesee Street
  34. Cemetery Ahavas Achim see Congregation B'nai Shalom Cemetery
  35. Congreation Ahavath Sholem (Jefferson shul) Cemetery ~ see Ahavath Sholem Cemetery
  36. Congregation Anshe Emes Cemetery see Anshe Emes Cemetery
  37. Congregation B'nai Shalom) Cemetery see B'nai Shalom Cemetery
  38. Creek Road Cemetery see War of 1812 Cemetery
  39. Evangelical Cemetery - Pine Ridge Road at Maryvale Drive
  40. E.G.L Cemetery see Erie County Lodge 300 Cemetery
  41. Erie County Lodge 300 Cemetery Pine Ridge Rd. (Jewish)
  42. Evangelical Cemetery -
  43. First German Lutheran Trinity Cemetery see Concordia Cemetery. (Buffalo)
  44. Garrison Road Cemetery see War of 1812 Cemetery
  45. German Evangelical see St. Peters Cemetery
  46. German Evangelical - St.Stephens Cemetery 1859 see Concordia Cemetery
  47. German Lutheran Trinity Cemetery at Pine Ridge (old) see Holy Rest Cemetery
  48. Government Cemetery see War of 1812 Cemetery
  49. Hitchcock Cemetery ~ Moved when the Railroad went though the Hitchcock farm and the
    Family cemetery. Some bodies were moved to Forest Lawn, in Buffalo,
    but most were taken to the Lancaster Rural Cemetery.
  50. Holy Mother Of The Rosary Cemetery (Polish National Church) - 1711 Dale Road
  51. Holy Order Cemetery - Pine Ridge Road at Maryvale Drive
  52. Holy Order of the Living Cemetery ~ Pine Ridge Road - Chevra Kadisha Jewish
  53. Holy Rest Cemetery ~ Protestant 1859 1707 East Delvan Avenue near Pine Ridge Road Buffalo, NY 14215 (716) 896-4360
    (Pine Hill area) or Old German Lutheran Trinity Cemetery at Pine Ridge. 3 acres.716-892-4763
  54. Holy Rest Protestant 1859
  55. Holy Sepulcher Cemetery & Mausoleum 1913 Catholic Cemeteries Diocese of Buffalo - Historical Backgroun (Map)
    3063 Harlem Road at Genesee St. (716) 892-3063 (33 acres)
    Holy Sepulchre Cemetery was founded for the burial of Catholics with Italian background at a time when ethnic cemeteries were the norm. (The United German and French Roman Catholic Cemetery dating from 1859 is a stone's throw away and St. Stanislaus Polish Cemetery a short distance away.)
    Founded in 1913 with a purchase of 20 acres of land on Harlem Road, Cheektowaga, with an entrance between Genesee and the Kensington Expressway, the cemetery was consecrated by Bishop Henry Colton in 1913. In a letter dated November 28, 1916, Bishop Dennis Dougherty (later Cardinal Dougherty), set down rules for the governance of the Italian cemetery. Additional acreage was purchased for a total 33 acres in a narrow very deep cemetery behind the neighborhood know as Tirearunda. (Cedar Grove section of Cheektowaga, NY) St. Francis of Assisi Chapel Mausoleum was built in 1992. Lovely mosaics of Italian Saints - Santa Francesco and Santa Chiara - St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare of Assisi - adorn the front exterior.
    Inside, stained glass beautifully portrays St. Francis, the Stigmata, the Greccio Christmas scene, and the Resurrection. To drive or walk through the cemetery and read all the Italian names gives a feeling for the faith of the Italian ancestors.
    Presently, Holy Sepulchre, with its 33 acres in the town of Cheektowaga, has approximately 20,000 interments in the cemetery. There are approximately 8 acres of undeveloped land for future cemetery use.
    Information: Computer Services Department, Diocese of Buffalo
  56. Howard Free Cemetery at Pine Hill - Pine Hill Private grounds, devoted to burials from county side outside of Buffalo.
  57. Howard Free Cemetery - 1876 -
  58. Jacobson Society German Cemetery - German
    At first privately owned.Bethal Society, after opening
    of Pine Hill, obtained a lot of 2 1/2 acres, and in 1861
    opened Bethal Cemetery, near the United German and French Cemetery.
    Jacobson Society succeeded by Beth Zion, which purchased burying ground at
    Pine Hill . Temple Society united with them, forming Temple Beth Zion.
  59. Lubavitz Congregation Cemetery (1921) Pine Ridge Road Jewish
  60. Lugowicz Synagogue Cemetery Pine Ridge Road at Maryvale Drive see Congregation B'nai Shalom Cemetery Jewish
  61. Lutheran Evangelical 1876 - 1904
  62. Maria Hilf Cemetery see Our Lady Help Of Christians Church Cemetery
  63. Mount Calvary Cemetery (MF) (B)1850's - 800 Pine Ridge Road at Maryvale Drive, Cheektowaga, 14225
    (716) 892-6660 Fax: (716) 892-0946
  64. Mount Calvary Cemetery Inc. (B) maintains records of its growth and development as it evolved from 1859 incorporation of the
    United German and French Roman Catholic Cemetery to the present.
    The records exit in formats of paper, bound volumes, video, photo slides and maps.
    Access to some records may be restricted.
The original 15 acres were purchased in 1859 by delegates of six initial parishes :
St. Louis, St. Michael's, the former St. Peter's, St. Mary's, the former St. Boniface, and St. Ann's, all located in Buffalo.
There are a total 360 acres of land, with over 250,000 burials.
Today, the following cemeteries are included :
Buffalo Cemetery
Mount Calvary Cemetery
Pine Lawn Cemetery
Ridge Lawn Cemetery
United German & French Cemetery
Pine Hill Cemetery or Pine Hill Area (Locally known as Pine Ridge).
Pine Hill is listed as the burial place on older death certificates.- - -WNYLRC Watch, June 1998
Mount Calvary Cemetery, Inc. is not taking lookups over the phone due to the increased amount of requests,
furthermore they are not staffed for the overwhelming telephone calls requesting a lookup.
They will take Genealogy Name Search request in writing.
Please include as much information about the person(s) you are looking for.
Please include a check for $25.00 for each name requested.
Make the check out to Mount Calvary Cemetery, Inc. and mail to Historian, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Inc.,
800 800 Pine Ridge Heritage Boulevard, Cheektowaga, New York 14225.
Map showing large area of some of Cheektowaga cemeteries.
Area located at the Buffalo and Cheektowaga border,
contains A LOT! of cemeteries.
Mount Calvary Cemetery, Inc. 800 Pine Ridge Heritage Blvd., Cheektowaga, NY 14225 RESOURCES:
Burial cards, Lot cards, Lot Books, Cemetery Registry Books, Section Maps.
The collection includes data from 1859 for the United German and French Roman Catholic Cemetery; from 1925,
Mount Calvary; from 1885 for Buffalo Cemetery and 1898 for Ridge Lawn Cemetery.
INQUIRIES:( By Mail Only) Procedure:
Fill out name search form; Enclose fee $25.00; Mail to: Genealogy
Mount Calvary Cemetery, Inc.
800 Pine Ridge Heritage Blvd.
Cheektowaga, NY 14225.
  1. Mount Calvary Cemetery Map ~ from the Schwert Family Cemetery Maps of Buffalo, New York.*
  2. Mount Carmel Lodge Cemetery Jewish
    Pine Ridge Road - Bottom quarter of Ahavas Achim Cemetery (behind Cemetery Ahavas Achim) Former Austrian Lodge
  3. Mount Hope Cemetery 1864 - Protestant
    Pine Ridge Heritage Road corner Genesee Street (716) 892-1732
    Property and records kept by:
    Rapin Funeral Home (Moved)
    2407 Genesee Street
    Buffalo, New York 14225
  4. North Park Society Inc. (Jewish Federation)
  5. Public Cemetery (old) 1876 - 1877
  6. Our Lady Help of Christian Roman Catholic Church Cemetery (B)
    4125 Union Road at Genesee Street (716) 634-3420
    "THE CHAPEL" A Comprehensive History of The Chapel 1979
    "and lists the names on the tombstones, the graves that do not
    have marker's are not listed.
  7. Pine Hill Area/Cemetery
    Map showing large area of some of Cheektowaga cemeteries.
    Area located at the Buffalo and Cheektowaga border, containing A LOT! of cemeteries.
    Pine Hill is listed as the burial place on older death certificates.
    Mount Calvary Cemetery
    800 Pine Ridge Rd
    Cheektowaga, NY 14225-2598
    Phone: (716) 892-6660
  8. Pine Lawn Cemetery 800 Pine Ridge Road (716) 892-6660 (Map of Pine Lawn Cemetery)
      Buffalo Cemetery (MF) (B)
      Mount Calvary Cemetery (MF) (B)
      Ridge Lawn Cemetery (MF) (B)
      United German & French Cemetery (MF) (B) Excellent records
  9. Pine Lawn Cemetery Map ~ from the Schwert Family Cemetery Maps of Buffalo, New York *
  10. Pine Lawn Garding. Cemetery (B)
  11. Ridge Lawn Cemetery (MF) (B) 1897? 53 acres (Map) 800 Pine Ridge Road (716) 892-6660 (716) 893 - 0620
  12. Pine Ridge Area Area located at the Buffalo and Cheektowaga border, containing A LOT! of cemeteries.
  13. Polish National Cathedral Cemetery-
  14. Potter's Field ~ Buffalo Cemetery Salem Evangelical Mission Cemetery - Pine Ridge
    Of Zion Church also used Zion Church Burial Ground.
  15. Saint Adalbert Cemetery (Old) ~ 1890 to 1903.
    Ed Kornowski who is currently the Vice President of the Polsih Genealogical Society of New York State
    has indexed the St Adelberts Old Cemetery.
    This searchable index located at on the PGSNYS Website, was compiled from the
    "Cemetery Daily Journal" at the rectory of Saint Adalbert Basilica,
    212 Stanislaus St. Buffalo, NY 14212.
    There are numerous misspellings contained in the original book.
    The person writing the names sometimes wrote the Polish names as he thought they sounded.
    Then he used the Latin versions for first names.
    When searching for an ancestor, try looking for misspelled names.
    If you know the actual death date you can search the rear section of the book
    which is arranged chronologically in order of burial dates.
    The index only covers the first ninety-three pages covering the years
    1890 to 1903.
    Reason for this was these pages contained the location of graves.
    Listed were the section, line and grave numbers.
    Sometimes there can be conflicting locations for grave locations.
    There are cases of two or more names for the same grave.
    I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but some errors can be found in original book.
    I have included the original page number so that you can always check original book
    to settle any discrepancies for spellings, dates, or locations.
    This index only pertains to the Old Cemetery on Dale Road in Cheektowaga, NY.
    David Newman, President PGSNYS
  16. Saint Adelbert R.C.Cemetery (Old) ~ Leo J. Kopp ~ Tombstone readings.
    1621 Dale Road (Old Walden Avenue) - (Walden Ave and Harlem Rd ),
    Office hours :Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm, Saturday 9 am - 12 pm.
    Office (716) - 892-3423
  17. St.John's Lutheran Cemetery 1876 - 1904
  18. St.John's at Pine Hill Cemetery 1858
    Located on the corner of Pine Ridge & Sugar Roads (716) - 892-7293
    Lutheran, contains several acres.
    St. John's Cemetery at the corner of Sugar Rd. & Pine Ridge Rd., Cheektowaga. The office is listed at
    6540 Main St., Williamsville, NY, 14221, ph. 632- 6557. It is not listed as a Lutheran cemetery, but as I recall from my
    youth, it is. Besides, it's the only St. John's listed in the directory. The phone number for the church is (716)632-6557. The ladys name is Phyllis and she can be very helpful if she is in a good mood.
    Most of the people buried there went to St John's Lutheran Church now on Main St in Williamsville NY (suburb of Buffalo).
    This church was in the city of Buffalo at one time and had a large German membership. The cemetery is open till abt noon
    (edt) on sat and may give you info over the phone. The church may be a little more difficult to get a hold of. Ask the
    cemetery for the number and address. Hope this helps. Barbara
  19. St.John's Protestant Cemetery
    Pine Ridge & Sugar Roads (716) 892-7293 6540 Main Street Williamsville, NY 14221 (716) 632-6557
  20. St.Joseph Cemetery 1876 - 1904
  21. St. Mary's Cemetery Cemetery ~ Behind the Thrway Plaza, corner of Walden Ave and Harlem Road.
  22. St.Peter's German Evangelical Cemetery see
  23. St.Stanislaus Roman Catholic Cemetery 1889 (Two cemeteries the Old and across the street the new cemetery) (map)
    700 Pine Ridge Hertiage Rd at Maryvale Drive, west side of Pine Ridge Rd., Cheektowaga, 14225-2558 (716) 892-9135,
    Office hours : Monday - Friday 9 am - 4:30 pm, Saturday 9 am - 12 pm
    Over 100,000 burials
    This Catholic cemetery has been in operation since 1889 and is owned/governed by St. Stanislaus
    Contact: David Szyjka, Recordkeeper
    Records Information: Records are stored on-site, no appointment necessary. Staff is available for assistance.
  24. Salem Evangelcial Mission
  25. Sharei Zedek Cemetery (1944)
  26. Soldiers Plot - Pine Ridge Rd.
  27. Taperman Cemetery Services Inc. - Pine Ridge Rd. (716) 895-6888 (Most of the Jewish Cemeteries)
  28. Temple Beth El Cemetery Jewish
  29. Temple Beth David Cemetery ~ Pine Ridge Rd see Temple Shaarey Zedek Jewish
  30. Temple Beth Zion Cemetery 1865 see Beth David Cemetery
  31. Temple Beth Zion Pine Hill Cemetery ~ 1860's see Jacobson Society Jewish
  32. Temple Society see Jacobson Society
  33. Temple Shaarey Zedek) Cemetery ~ Pine Ridge Rd Jewish
  34. Union Road Cemetery ~ Union Road & Genesee Street, A lost cemetery that was located across from the Airport Plaza. Remains were reinterred to the Transit Rural Cemetery in the Town of Lancaster.
  35. United Catholic Cemetery - see United German and French Roman Catholic Cemetery ,Pine Ridge Area
  36. United German and French Roman Catholic Cemetery 1858 - 1921?
  37. United German & French Cemetery ~ Bob Ziegler (Pine Hill ) (B) 1875 - 1904 ?
    800 Pine Ridge Road, westside of Pine Ridge between Maryvale Drive and East Delavan Avenue
    (716) 892-6660 1859-1921
    (Joint-corporation established,by 6 non-English speaking churches. St. Louis, St. Mary's, St. Boniface's, St. Peter's, St. Michael's and St. Ann's )
  38. United German & French Cemetery Map ~ from the Schwert Family Cemetery Maps of Buffalo, New York. (Location Map)
  39. United German & French Cemetery - Older map ~ from the Schwert Family Cemetery Maps of Buffalo, New York.*
  40. War of 1812 Cemetery, Aero Road, West of Youngs Road, Cheektowaga, NY (Location Map)
    (originally in Amherst, N.Y. before town boundary line was changed) (also know as
    "The Creek Road, and "Garrison Road")
    Of the 205 soldiers who died in the United States Military Hospital at
    Williamsville, New York (1814 - 1815) and buried in the one acre
    cemetery, only 12 were from New York State. Others, infantryman and artillerymen, were from New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut,
    New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and
    Kentucky. (Names listed) Also, British soldiers.
    Information from "A History of the Town Of Amherst, New York"
    by Sue Miller Young 1965.
  41. Workmans Circle Cemetery of Buffalo / Anshe Emes Cemetery - Pine Ridge Road Jewish
    c/o Keith Bookbinder 134 Segsbury Road Amherst, New York 14221 (716) 634-0039
  42. Zion Cemetery 1859 - Protestant
  43. Zion Church Cemetery - Pine Ridge 1859 Belongs to German Evangelical Reform Zion Church. Four acres.
  44. Zion Church Cemetery 1876 - 1904
  45. Zion Curch cemetery - 1859
  46. Zion Curch cemetery - 1876 - 1904
  47. Zion Evang. Cemetery see Ridge Lawn Cemetery
  48. Zion Reformed Cemetery - Pine Ridge Road at Maryvale Drive


Town of Cheektowaga including the Villages of Depew and Sloan

Formed from "Willink" [now Aurora] in 1808

"Land of the Crabapples" ( JI-IK-WAH-GAH ),
named by the Seneca Indians referring to the apple-like fruit
of the Hawthorn trees abundantly growing in the area.  

Cheektowaga is located in Erie County a SE suburb of Buffalo off I90 near Buffalo International Airport. It is in the Western Region of the state. Cheektowaga is part of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls, New York metro area.


Official Town of Cheektowaga Website
Town Hall
3301 Broadway & Union Rd.
Cheektowaga, NY 14227
(716) 686-3400
Village of Depew Clerk
Web site
85 Manitou St.
Depew, NY 14043
(716) 683-1400 Fax - (716) 683-3538
Village of Sloan Clerk
425 Reiman St.
Sloan, NY 14212
(716) 897-1560 - Fax (716) 897 - 2728


Town Clerk
Town of Cheektowaga Historian
Vickie Dankowski
Cheektowaga Town Hall
3223 Broadway
Cheektowaga, NY 14227
(716) 684 - 686-3433
Village of Depew Historian
Village of Sloan Historian
Beverly Sikova,
79 Jackson St.
Sloan, NY 14212
Town Clerk
Mary F. Holtz........................(716) 686-3434
Deputy Town Clerk / Town Historian
Vickie Dankowski .................. (716) 686-3433
Vital Statistics ........................(716) 686-3982



Historical Museum & Society

Town Newspaper
Cheektowaga Historical Association
Web site: http://nyslgti.gen.ny.us/Cheektowaga/org.htm#C10
E-mail: PEZPOT@aol.com
Meetings: Alexander Community Center
275 Alexander Street
Cheektowaga, NY 14225
Hours: 3rd Thursday at 7:00 PM
Newsletter - Cheektowaga Archival News.
Cheektowaga Historical Museum
Web site:
Myra Gitter, Curator
3329 Broadway
Cheektowaga, NY 14225
(716) 684 - 6544
Local history, 19th and 20th century after 1850's, records unavailable.
Opened:1st Sunday of each month, beginning March 1, 1998
Hours: 2 - 4 pm
No records at this location.

Cheektowaga Times



Town Links

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Cheektowaga Chamber of Commerce
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In Memory St. Aloysius Funerals
Map showing the large area of cemeteries in Cheektowaga..
Town of Cheektowaga Supervisors
Vital Statistics for Cheektowaga


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