Dated: 19 October 2000
Sacred Heart Cemetery
(Sacred Heart Home Bros of Mercy Nursing Home)
4520 Ransom Road
Town of Clarence
Erie County, New York 

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Rev. Bro Bardo, 1878 - 1946
Rev. Bro Apollonius Corisch, 1880 - 1962
Rev. Bro Eusebius, 1870 - 1947
Rev. Bro Theophil Fuchs, 1871 - 1955
Rev. Bro Leopold Kenntemich, 1899 - 1972
Rev. Bro David O'Neill, 1920 - 1983
Rev. Bro Albert Osiander, 1910 - 1983
Rev. Bro Fulgentius Plumpe, 1886 - 1961
Rev. Bro Patrick Ragan, 1918 - 1988
Rev. Bro Bernard Regan, 1917 - 1992
Rev. Bro Baldwin Temme, 1878 - 1955
Rev. Bro Oliver Volrath, 1908 - 1974
Rev. Bro Eulogius Warner, 1890 - 1974
Wilfred A. Beaudry, September 5, 1898 - December 30, 1963
Aloysius Burget, July 30, 1895 - July 3, 1986
Elizabeth Burget, October 10, 1908 - December 30, 1993
Grace F. Schiener, December 5, 1925 - May 4, 1993
Anthony Schmeider, January 1876 - April 16, 1963
Statute of St. Peter reads - In Memory of John Imhoff
Statute of St. Paul reads - In Memory of Emma Imhoff

Sacred Heart Cemetery Facts
Address : 4520 Ransom Road, Town of Clarence, Erie County, New York
Burials :
Caretaker :
Complier : Leo J. Kopp & Katherine M. Kopp
Condition of cemetery :
Contact Person :
Ethnic background :
Known by other names:
Location : There are three buildings located on the west side of Ransom Road, first is the main building, second is a white house, third is a new building, constructed in 20000.
Take the driveway to the right of the house and then to the gravel road leading to the
Waste Treatment Plant on the back east side of the property.
The cemetery is enclosed in a fence located on the north side of the gravel road.
Location of original cemetery records :
Map :
Managed by:
Photograph : Digital photographs
Source of Information : Tombstone readings on 19 October 2000
Year Established :
History :
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