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Warwick Family Cemetery
Heroy Rd., East of Tonawanda Creek Rd
Town of Clarence
Erie County, New York

Hannah, Wife of Leaner, Died Jan 2, 1878, age 63 years.
Mary, Wife of Leander, Nov 4, 1893, age 66 years.
Charles B., Died Sept 27, 1855, age 56 years, 3 days
Frances, Died Feb 16, 1866, age 57 years.
Mary, His Wife, Died April 3, 1885, 74 years, 7 days.
Frances C.B., Died May 13, 1844.
Mary, Born ___, 8, 1841 - Sept 28, 1867, age 26 years.
Thomas, Born Nov 26, 1839
Death dates were not been engraved on the Warwick family monument after the names of the children.

Warwick Cemetery Facts

Address : Heroy Rd., East of Tonawanda Creek Rd
Burials :
Cemetery Assocation:
Church :
Condition of cemetery :
Contact Person :
Known by other names : Burdick Cemetery, Heroy Road Cemetery, Wycoff Cemetery
Map :
Photograph :
Source of Information : Tombstone Readings.
Visiting Hours:
Year Established :
History :
  Complied : 11 December 1999
by : Katherine M. Kopp
Information from the
Historical Society of The Town Of Clarence.
Thanks to Alicia Braaten, Director

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