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Updated: 1 November 2002

Partridge Family Cemetery
Bleistein Rd., just up the grade from Partridge Rd.
Town of Colden
Erie County, New York

1837 - 1862

Partridge, Asa, Born Dec 3, 1759 - Died Dec 30, 1845.
Connecticut , Pvt Continental Line, Revolutionary War (War Marker)
Also, in this small cemetery plot a marker, marked "1837"
Partridge, Elvin Roy, son of Albert and Sarah Warren died Nov 22, 1862, 7 mo, 21 da
Sweetapple, Fidelia, (Mrs John B.), Died May 7, 1862, aged 22 years
Small stone with a lamb figure marker "Ida"
1837 ~ Veteran F.C.L. marker
Below is information from June Partridge Zintz,
"The cemetery on Bleistein Rd., just up the grade from Partridge Rd. is the Partridge Family Cemetery...which is my family.
It contains my Rev. Ancestor, Asa Partridge, grave & Rev. War marker.
It also contains Fidelia Partridge Sweetapple & her baby who died 7 May 1862 in child birth.
Her husband, (John B.), died 21 Dec 1862 at Fort Monroe during the Civil War.
Surrounding her grave is a wrought iron fence, and a sweetapple tree.
A few other stones are there, plus a good number of graves with no markers.
Four generations of the family are there.
This was the Partridge Farm from the early 1820's until the 1940's, when my parents sold it.
The land went half way to Center Rd. along Partridge Rd. "
June Partridge Zintz
Thanks to June Partridge Zintz for the name correction and information on the Partridge Family Cemetery.


Partridge Cemetery is also known as the Bleinstein Road Cemetery

Bleinstein Road Cemetery

Microfilm Reel # 19,
Colden: Bleistein Cemetery 1837 - 1862
Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
Lafayette Square Buffalo, New York 14203
1 October 1998

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