Updated: 11 July 2005

Town of Colden Cemeteries
Erie County, New York

(MF) Microfilm (B) Book

Baker Cemetery ~ 1865 - 1874 (MF)
Partridge and Bleistein Roads, Colden, NY 14033
Bleistein Road Cemetery ~ 1845 - 1862 (MF)
Broad Cemetery 1857 - 1964 (MF)
Brodbeck Cemetery ~ Lewis Road and Darien Road
Brown Cemetery ~ 1850 - 1909 (MF)
Colden Cemetery ~ Boston and Colden Roads.
Alice Wangelin
Colden Cemetery Association
8812 State Road, Colden, NY 14033
716-941-5012 Fax: 716-941-9335
Enos Hollow Cemetery ~ 1809 - 1885, Hayes Hollow and Knapp Roads
Glenwood Maltby Memorial Cemetery
Contact: Ken Heiler (716) 941 - 5794
Haws Cemetery ~ Holland and Glenwood Roads and Center Street (Single Stone)
Lewis Cemetery ~ 1843 - 1902 (MF) Blanchard and Partridge Roads
Maltry Cemetery ~ Glenwood
Maplewood Cemetery - West Main Street
Neischel Family Cemetery ~ Lewis and Partridge Roads
Partridge Cemetery ~ Bleistein and Partridge Roads
Pierce Cemetery on Bleistein Rd
St.John's Cemetery
St. Martin's Lutheran Church Cemetery 8304 Cole Road (716) 941-3335


Town of COLDEN


Town Clerk

Marty McCallum

Colden Clerk's Office
Town Hall
8812 State Rd.
Colden, NY 14033
(716) 941-5012

Historical Museum & Society

Town Newspaper

Colden Historical Society
Mr. Julian Flackenstein
Heath Rd.
Colden, NY 14069



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