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Town of Concord Cemeteries
including East Concord and Springville
Erie County, New York

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Town of Concord

Block School House Cemetery see Fairview Cemetery

Bylbie Cemetery ~ 1847-1875 (MF) see Frye Cemetery

Catholic Cemetery on Prattham Road ~ This cemetery was in the Town of Concord before Sardinia was formed.

Concord Cemetery ~ Spaulding Road near Wheeler Road (Location Map)

Frye (Bylbie) Cemetery ~ (Private) Zoar Valley Road

German Lutheran Cemetery ~ Route 39, Morton's Corner Road

German Lutheran Cemetery ~ Route 240, and Morse Road

Griffith Cemetery ~ 1841-1915 Morse Road At Route 240 (MF)

Morse Road Cemetery ~ North side of Morse Road, just off Route 240
(about a quarter mile after you pass Old Glenwood Road

Morton Corners Cemetery

Potter Cemetery (Private) ~ 1816-1882 (MF) Zoar Valley Road

Spaulding Cemetery ~ 1808 - 1941 (MF) Spaulding, is a dirt road off Genesee Road between Kern and Trevett Roads

Sibley Cemetery ~ 1813 - 1979 (MF) Route 219, and Sibley Road
Contact: Sibley Cemetery Association, John Winship
131 North Buffalo Street, Springville, NY 14141 (716) 592-4532


East Concord

East Concord Cemetery ~ Route 39
East Concord Cemetery Association ~ 1858 - 1983


St. Aloyosius Cemetery ~ 190 Franklin St., Route 39, near Church, Springville, NY 14141
(716) 592-2701 Fax: (716) 592-4347
Block School House Cemetery see Fairview Cemetery
Cobble Hill Cemetery ~ Route 219, Trevett Road Springville, New York 14141
Fairview Cemetery (Block School House) 1825 North Buffalo Street, Middle Road and Route 219 (Map)
Fairview Cemetery Corp ~ Old Route 219
c/o Alan Manchester P.O. Box 203, Springville, New York 14141 (716) 592-2093
Maple Cemetery ~ 1864 - 1983 (MF) (B)
Maplewood Cemetery ~ 1864 - 1983 (B) Main Street and Forest Streets [Rt. 39 east of Rt. 219]
west edge of the village.
Tony Hunchar 716-592-7404 . (Map) (Photo)
Maplewood Cemetery Selected listings.

Morton Corners Cemetery ~ Morton Corners Road and Route 39
Contact: Morton Corners Cemetery
Marjorie Blasdell 121 North Buffalo Street Springville, NY 14141

St.Aloysius Cemetery ~ Main and Forest Streets
St. Aloysius Cemetery Selected listings
St. Paul Cemetery 591 East Main Street, Springville, New York 14141 (716) 592-2153
Springville Cemetery see Maplewood Cemetery
Springville Rural Cemetery ~ Spaulding Road.
Springville Rural Cemetery Association
Charles Cranston, P.O. Springville, NY 14141


Town of Concord
The Town of Concord is in the process of building a web page
that will contain lists of all burials for all cemeteries w/in the borders of our township. This a massive project that we have been working on for the past three years and is scheduled to be completed by Sept, 2000. We will also have online the 1850 & 1860 censuses for Concord as well as an index of births, deaths & marriages from the Springville
Herald/Journal 1867-19__TBA?
If you know of anyone who needs any cemetery information before hand could you please direct them our way &we will try & help if we can.
Thomas A. Hawkins (trustee)


Town Clerk
Concord, Town of, Town Historian
Lillian D. Geiger
13152 Morton's Corner Rd.
Springville, NY 1414


Town of Concord Clerk
86 Franklin St.
PO Box 368
Springville, NY 14141
Phone: (716) 592-4948
Village of Springville
5 West Main St.
Springville, NY 14141
(716) 592-4936
Fax (716) 592 - 7088

Historical Museum & Society

Town Newspaper
Concord Historical Society

PO Box 425
Springville, NY 14141-0425



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