Updated: 23 July 2003

 Davis and Templeton Cemetery
Located on the north side of North Davis Road,
one-quarter mile from Seneca Street.
Town of Elma, (Springbrook), Erie County, New York
1863 - 1955

Unless otherwise noted all listings are tombstone readings, and the information has not been provided by any official cemetery source.
It is offered here as a tool to promote further research, and should not be considered as verified proof for genealogical records.
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Readings have been doubled checked, but mistakes are possible.

DAVIS, ______, wife of James, Sr. of Ashoken, NY.
DAVIS, Caroline, Died July 19, 1891 aged 80 years. Our Mother. (James)
DAVIS, Grace Electra, 1878 - 1951.
DAVIS, Harriett E. ( Mrs. James C. Davis ), 1839 - 1907.
DAVIS, James C., 1830 - 1909.
DAVIS, James, D., Died Jan 5, 1892, aged 85 years. Our Father. (Caroline)
DAVIS, Samuel, Died Dec 4, 1863, aged 32 years. (My Husband).
KIEBER, Edith Templeton, 4/18/1914 - 9/9/1987, Aunt
MARKEL, Cornelius J., 1831 -1910, G.A.R. Co., F. 156 NY Inf.
TEMPLETON, Addie M. 1876 - 1955. (William)
TEMPLETON, William, 1874 - 1951. (Addie M.)
" Our Little Charlie", Small white marker
" Our Little Willie", Small white marker.
"S.D.", Small marker,

Tombstone inscriptions complied by
Leo J. & Katherine M. Kopp, 12 July 1998
Microfilm Reel # 19,
Elma: Davis and Templeton Cemetery (abandoned): 1863 - 1955
Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
Lafayette Square Buffalo, New York 14203

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