Residents In Springbrook and Vicinity
Dec. 4th, 1856

Town of Elma, Erie County, New York

When the town of Elma was formed, December 4th, 1856, the business at Spring Brook was about as follows:
Northrup's sawmills on both sides of the creek,
Leger & Diebold's Steam sawmill and gristmill on Lot 81,
Meeker & Wattle's tannery and store on Lot 81,
E.G. Kent's store at Northrup Road on Lot 84,
Stephen Northrup's store at Northrup Road on Lot 84,
James W, Simon's tavern (the rebuild Mouse Nest) on Lot 71,
John McFee's saloon and grocery on Lot 82,
blacksmith shop of
John Barnett, on the west end of Lot 75,
Joseph Grace's blacksmith shop on the east end of Lot 75,
post office in McFee's place on Lot 82,
schoolhouse built in 1846 on Lot 75,
Presbyterian church build in 1852 on Lot 75,
Catholic church build in 1850 on Lot 71.

It is not possible in 1900, to give all the names of the residents of Spring Brook and vicinity,
when the town was formed, but among them we find the following, a few living in 1900:

John B. Bristol
Luke Baker
John Barnet
Stephen Calkin
Zenas M. Cobb
Patrick Conley
Bernard Conley
Anthony Diebold
John Davis
James Davis
Wm H. Davis
Patrick Donohue
Milton H. Dunham
Wallace W. Fones
Thomas Flannigan
Joseph Grace
James J. Grace
Wm. W. Grace
Dr James Gilmore
Wm Hunt
Peter Kihm
E.G. Kent
Stephen Kinslet
Horace Kyser
Charles Kennedy
George Leger
Zebina LeeGeorge Lee
Wm. M. Lockwood
John McFee
Henry Meeker

John Morris
David J. Morris
Lafayette Morris
Alfred Marvel
Lewis Northrup
Eli B. Northrup
Stephen Northrup
Asa Palmer
Asa J. W. Palmer
Patrick Phalen
Lyman Parker
Wm M. Rice
Michael Schorr
James Simons
Lewis Sisler
Eli Simmons
Cyrus S.Spencer
Joseph Tillou
Isaac Tillou
Harrison Tillou
Erastus Tillou
Charles Talmadge
C.J. Talmadge
Wm. Thayer
Myrtle Wattles
James H. Ward
D.L Wilson
Thomas E. Wier
Elias Weed
Charles Whitney
Noah Wertman

History of the Town of Elma, Erie County, New York, 1620 - 1901
author, Warren Jackman, 1902
Page 132

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