Residents Of East Elma, Erie, New York
December 4th, 1856

Nathan Howard had a blacksmith shop on the north side of the road at the end of the bridge.
Russel Howard and Albert Crane
built a steam shingle mill, thus opening up a new industry.

The locality was know by lumbermen as "Hemstreets Mill' but generally,
the little settlement was known far and near as "Frog Pond" from a large swamp
of some twenty acres a little distance east from the sawmill.

On December 4th, 1856, when the town of Elma was formed,
we find the following persons residing in that locality, viz;

Abel N. Button
Albert Crane
John Darcey
Harry Dingman
Edwin Fowler
Isaac Gail
John W. Griffin
Thomas Hanvey
James Hatch
Niles Hatch
Zinz A. Hemstreet
Daniel Hicks
James Hopper
Nathan Howard
Russell Howard
Thomas Ostrander
Amos P. Rowley
Joseph G. Thompson

Only three or four of these persons are living in Elma in 1900.

History of the Town of Elma, Erie County, New York 1620 - 1901
author, Warren Jackman, 1902

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