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Town of Grand Island Cemeteries
Erie County, New York

 There are six known cemeteries located on Grand Island, and five cemeteries (Tombstone inscriptions) are completed.

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Assumption Roman Catholic Cemetery (Location Map)
290 Whitehaven Road near West River Road (one mile west of the New York State Thruway) 14072
(716) 873-5680)
The cemetery consists of one hundred and sixty acres, purchased in 1955.
Contact: Mount Olivet Cemetery Office (Cheektowaga) (716) 873 - 6500
On September 17, 1955, permission was granted by Bishop Joseph A. Burke to purchase approximately
160 acres of land on Grand Island for future cemetery use. This cemetery was consecrated by Bishop Burke
in 1956.Was intended to serve Catholics of the Tonawanda, Grand Island and Niagara Falls areas.
The rural setting of this spacious cemetery enhances its rustic appeal.
Information: Computer Services Department, Diocese of Buffalo, Catholic Cemeteries

Maple Grove Cemetery ~ Est.1902, Stony Point Road at Whitehaven Road, 14072
(A few earlier death dates in this cemetery are re-burials from other cemeteries after founding of Maple Grove.)
Contact: (716) 773 - 4740

St.Stephen's Cemetery ~ Est. 1862, 2100 Baseline Road, 14072
Contact: Church Office (716) 773 - 7647 (Look ups) Information is begin typed to place online

Staley Cemetery ~ West River Road between Staley & Whitehaven Roads; 14072
Privately owned Family cemetery, no signs; Founding would coincide with earliest burial. (FHL Records)

Trinity Evangelical United Methodist Cemetery ~ 2100 Whitehaven Road, 14072
Contact: (716) 773 - 4740 - Church, (716) 773-3322

Whitehaven Cemetery ~ Est. 1865, East River Road near Whitehaven Road, 14072
Contact: Walter DeGlopper (716) 773 - 3718 (Location Map)

White Haven Cemetery ~ 1939 ~ Listings for specific names.

White Haven Road Cemetery see Assumption Roman Catholic Cemetery

Town Information
Grand Island web site

Books and Microfilm
Online book
Founding of the city Ararat on Grand Island-by Mordecai M. Noah

Chamber of Commerce

Grand Island Chamber of Commerce
1980 Whitehaven Road
Grand Island, New York 14072
(716) 773-3651

Churches and Schools

Clerk's Office
Town Clerk
2255 Baseline Rd.
Grand Island, NY 14072
(716) 773-9600 ex 622
Email clerk@grand-island.ny.us


Historical Museum & Society

Grand Island Historical Society
Beaver Island State Park
Grand Island, New York 14072

Town Links
IsledeGrande's Home Page Life today, also lists Death Notices
Grand Island between the Bridges
Teddy Linenfelser keeps you informed of the past, present and future.

Local areas, Maps & zip codes
Map showing Township
Grand Island - 14072

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five Grand Island's cemeteries.
Walt, we appreciate the work that you've put into this project,
thank you very much..
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Vital records



Gazetteer of the State of New York, author, J.H. French
United States Postal Service
Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society files.
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library,
Special Collections Room
Computer Services Department, Diocese of Buffalo
Walter Hastrich
Talking Phone Book

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