German Protestant Cemetery
Directly across from the Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery
East Main and Hunts Street
Town of Hamburg, Erie, New York 14075

Complied by Ellen Allison, Summer of 2003
Special thanks to Lynn Francis for transcribing the cemetery.

 This is the original log of the lot owners of St. James UCC, Hamburg NY. The cemetery is an old German
Protestant Cemetery directly across from the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery. It is in disrepair with
many damaged and overturned stones. There is no Cemetery Marker Stone indicating that this is a cemetery.
I have also mapped out as many of the stone as were readable and have that in an excel file. According
to the church and the Town of Hamburg offices, there are no burial records of who or when burials took place.
These stones and maps were created during the summer of 2003. Any further information please e-mail These cemetery lots, according to the plot ownership list were purchased in 1872.
But after research I have come to believe that sales BEGAN in 1872, as a member of my family did not
purchase until 1892. This information was obtained from the Buffalo & Erie County library microfilm
records for St. James Church, Hamburg, NY. At the very end of that file is a log of persons and dates
and amounts paid for the lots at this cemetery.

Lot owners - St. Jacobias (St. James UCC), Hamburg, New York
Site #
First - Last - Possibly spelled?
1 No record
2 Carl Koch
3 Laura Hagerer
4 Henry Arnold
5 John Hopp
6 John Schurring
7 Theodore Schurring
8 John Hopp
9 Karl Heinz
10 George Barthel
11 John Horn, Hopp???
12 John Langbeire
13 Henry Haerdt
14 John Klies
15 Theodore Barton
16 Possibly spelled?, Roland/Kadland
17 Carl Konn/Kneu, Kneum
18 Jacob Biehles
19 Andrew Stein
20 Gabriel Haunk, Hanik
21 Christian Ehrman
22 John Waltz
23 Jonathon Struck, Stanek
24 Joachim Heiht, Heidt
26 Matthew Geiges
27 Frederick Schammond, Schammal
28 Frederick Stambler
29 Christian Sutter
30 Carl Newmann
Frederick Guesmawn Philip, Philip& Catherine
31 Brendel Guesmawn, Brendel
32 Jacob Mauser
33 Rudolph Shortemiever
34 Haeny Kehe
35 Jacob Jeffries
36 Jacob Renhart, Rankert Margaret
37 George Kast
38 Peter Kast
39 George Buergess, Buergin
40 Peter Kast
41 Christian Simms, Liner
42 Flrian Senfert
43 Frederick Maiges
44 Henry Meyers
45 Martin Konneheis, Faulhauber, Wm, Schuler, Geo
46 George Schmitt
47 August Bushovia
48 William Meyers
49 Joachim Langbein
50 John Bilbo, Pittmann, Abr, Pfeifer, Wm
51 Jacob Arnold
52 Frederick Vollismiian
53 Ernest L Langbein
54 William Bork, Bosk
55 Matthew Ketzenhen
56 Adam Minkel
57 Julius Abraham
58 F. Stisel
59 Leonard Schulmann, Hoth, Ruble, Hessmann Fred
60 Kenard Hatchet, Konrad Haechel?
61 George Spittler
62 Fred Hessmann
63 William Dinnes
64 Frederick Gohl
65 Frederick Gohl
66 Frederick Hessmann
67 Can't read
68 Busch
69 John Wick, Hahn, Ed, Young, Albert
70 John Dorst
71 George Gaier
72 Julius Abraham
73 Sebastian Gotz, Dranst/Dosant, Philip
74 No Sale
75 John Schuler, Doecholer
76 William Young
77 David Martin
78 Gottfired Meyers
79 Henry Schutt
80 No Record, Schuler, Steffan
81 John Von Raggierdorf
82 Henry Langebein
83 John Hutt
84 Adam Minkel, Brand
85 Ernest Lietz, Keater, Karl
86 John Henning
87 Emil Kuhl
88 John Bernet
89 Mrs. Anns
90 Mr. Krugwicz
91 Jacob Bordbeck, Dieham
92 Peter Schuler
93 Theodore Gorenflo
94 John Bibow
St. Jacobia (currently St. James UCC) is the holder of these records.
Please note that there is no official Cemetery Marking to designate this site, just.
In fact special thanks to the priest at Sts. PP for telling me of the old burial site there.
Back in the higher grass, some dead trees, There is a somewhat of a "pathway" directly up the middle.
The cemetery has been vandalized and there is not even cemetery signage to make known it's location.

Ellen Allison

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