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Town of Holland Cemeteries
Erie County, New York

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Evergreen Cemetery - Four Rod Road
Goodleburg Cemetery
Holland Cemetery Former name Holland Protestant Cemetery
This is the second oldest cemetery in town and is located on the east side of Route 16 near the Middle School.
Some Revolutionary War and War of 1812 soldiers are buried here
. (Photos)
Holland Protestant Cemetery Name changed to Holland Cemetery Association Cemetery. see Holland Cemetery Association Cemetery,
Holmes Hill Cemetery Centerline Road ( Lot No. 54 )
Humphrey Hollow Cemetery 1809 - 1962 Pioneer Cemetery (Photo)
Centerline & Humphrey Rds., l
ocated on the east side of Route 16.
This is Holland's oldest cemetery and was name for Arthur Humphrey, who was one of Holland's first settlers and its first supervisor.
It's located on the east side of Route 16, north of the hamlet area near the Rickettson farm. The stones flanking the entrance give the date 1809.
The Humphrey family later left money in trust for cemetery maintenance.Currently, the cemetery is cared for by the Holland Cemetery Association.
Most of Hollands Revolutionary War and War of 1812 soldiers were buried here.
Hunter's Creek Cemetery East side of Vermont Hill Road, Near Blakey Corners & Centerline Road.
Hunters Creek Cemetery
Maltby Cemetery Glenwood Road
Neischell Cemetery Lewis Road off Partridge
Old Havens Cemetery Centerline Road
Pioneer Cemetery Located on the east side of Route 16
Protection Cemetery Burials began here around 1823 on the Farrington Farm on the east side of Vermont Hill Road near South Protection Road.
Settlers from Protection, East Holland and Vermont Hill area are buried here.
Family names are Alexander, Childs, Colby, Farrington, Gould, Hawks, Jackson, Kimball, Moulton, Van Valkenburg, Ward and Wilkins.
St.Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery (New) (Photo) Opened in 1977, see below.
St.Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery (Old) (Photo)
These are old and new cemeteries located on the east side of Route 16 in the north Holland area.
St. Joseph's was organized in the late 19th century. and it is assumed that the older cemetery dates from this period.
Rectory (716) 537-9434 Ronald Nagel
Cemetery Supervisor 537-9900
Town of Wales Cemetery (Old Wales Center Cemetery) Partial List 
Although this is not in the Town of Holland, it is just over the northern border of Holland
on the west side of Hunters creek Road. This cemetery includes many Holland residents who lived in this area.
Some of the family names are Fischer, Ingalls (related to Laura Ingalls Wilder), McArthur, Parker, Rogers, Sleepers and Trank.
Wales Hollow Cemetery


Town of Holland



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