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City of Lackawanna Cemeteries
Erie County, New York

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City of Lackawanna


Bishop Cemetery - see Holy Cross Cemetery
Holy Cross Cemetery & Mausoleum (MF) (History) (FHL Records) (Map)
2900 South Park Avenue, Lackawanna, New York 14218 (716) 823-1197
There are two separate sections of Holy Cross Cemetery located on Ridge Road.
The first being directly adjacent to Our Lady of Victory Basilica with entrances on Both Ridge Rd.
and South Park Avenue (near Maple Grove St.).
The other is located at the corner of approximately 1/8 -1/4 mile east on Ridge Rd at the Corner of South Shore Ave.
Microfilm is for Holy Cross Cemetery.
Lot Registers (MF)
Dailey Records (MF)

Holy Cross Cemetery ~ partial burial records - GenQuest

Holy Cross Cemetery ~ Daily Records, records are for August 1907 only.

Howard Cemetery - The Cemetery was lost some years ago, and was not rediscovered until the ground breaking
for the expansion of the Lackawanna Public Library, I believe sometime in the 1970's.
The parking lot for the Cemetery now covers most of the old Cemetery site,
but there is a dedication stone honoring those buried and lost there.
There is a small and very old cemetery located off of Nasson Parkway, back away from the street,
you have to keep your eyes peeled for it, as I passed it for years and never noticed it.
And with any luck, while traveling around South Park (where the Botanical Gardens are)
you MAY be able to catch a glimpse of some very old head stones in the brush and weeds behind the Library.
I found it about 3 years ago while walking with my children, and a friend who is a police officer
bruised his knee on one of the head stones while chasing someone through that area.
It was winter when I found it, so there were no leaves and greenery to block my view,
but I could not get to it, due to the abundance of brush.
I have since not been able to find it, as the brush has well over grown it, and no one
I have spoken with seems to know of it existing there.
Whether or not these two old cemeteries were part of the old Howard's cemetery, I don't know.
Special Thanks to Amy Lathrop for information on Howard, Holy Cross and OLV Cemeteries.
Limestone Hill Cemetery see Holy Cross Cemetery (1873-1904)
I think you will find that Limestone Hill cemetery is actually Holy Cross Cemetery, Ridge Road, Lackawanna NY.
The old-timers used to call it Limestone Hill cemetery, because it is located on a limestone ridge t
hat runs from West Seneca to Lake Erie. Lakeview is a small hamlet on Lake Erie next to the city of Lackawanna.
You will probably have better luck with the microfilmed records at any LDS Family History center.
All of those records from about 1850 to 1950 are on microfilm. I tried to get some cooperation from the cemetery personnel
several years ago and came up blank, but found the LDS film and my entire family was there.
Good luck!
Martin J. Daly
Tavares, Fl
Our Lady of Victory Cemetery - Ridge Road, OLV has been completely dissolved into the Holy Cross. see Holy Cross Cemetery
Potter's Field - Ridge Road, Old burial grounds cleared in 1920 to make way for Lackawanna Library
St Augustine Cemetery


City of Lackawanna


Town Clerk

City Clerk
Vital Records
Lackawanna City Hall
714 Ridge Rd.
Lackawanna, NY 14218
(716) 827-6452

Historical Museum & Society

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Catholic Cemeteries Diocese of Buffalo - Historical Background


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