Hull (Wheelock, Wolf) Cemetery
5976 Genesee Street
Town of Lancaster
Erie County, New York

This cemetery located on the former Henry Bergtold property [aka Wolf Farm]
is about 1/4 mile back in the field at the rear of the old stone house
[directly north of the Hull House, more than halfway back to the Thruway]
located at Genesee Street & Pavement Road intersection

This cemetery is in very, very bad shape

The following inscriptions were taken from the markers in the year 1889.
** Stone visible, April 28, 2001
Hull House, is the oldest surviving stone residence in Western New York
(Listed in the National Register og Historic Places.)
*Vilera, 'Wife of William R.Conly', Who died March 21, 1835, aged 26 yrs,. and 1 Month.**
(Stone still standing, but almost illegible)
Anna, 'Wife of William H. Godfrey', Nov 21, 1851, aged 63 yrs. (Grave Marker - A.G.)**
E.I.G., Grave Marker** (New listing)
*Warren, d. Oct 22, 1838, aged 76 yrs. (Revolutionary War Veteran) ( Born 1762, Wilheim, N.Y. (Aurora N.Y.)
Polly, 'His Wife', April 1832, aged 67 yrs. (Double Grave Marker - P.H. - M.H. )**
*Minerva, 'Their Daughter', Nov. 24, 1830, aged 26 yrs. (Double Grave Marker - P.H. - M.H. )**
Lovina, 'Daughter of John Wheelock', Wife of Gerum Jaarda, April 4, 1862, aged 36 yrs.
Hannah, wife of Gerum Jaarda & Daughter of J.& U.Wheelock, died ____ 1862, Aged __yrs, 2 months, 2 days
(Stone Broken into about 6 pieces)** (New listing)
R.M., Grave Marker** (New listing)
Rebecca, 'Wife of Daniel Smaley', July 10, 1871, aged 84 yrs.
Ella A., daughter of A.L. & C.M. St(u)selp, died Sept 5, 18--, age 5 yrs, __ mo, 5 days.** (New listing)
John G., Sept 24, 1855, aged 81 yrs (Laying on the ground, broken into 6 pieces)**
John T., Sept 21, 1854, aged 56 yrs. (Broken in half)**
Jothan Wheelock, Died May 29, 1858, age 55 yrs, 9 mo, 19 days.** (New listing)
*Lovina Wheelock, 'His Wife', Sept 13, 1853, aged 77 years.
*Charlotte Wheelock, 'Daughter of John G. & Lovina', May 11, 1851, 35 years.
_______, Emma Jane (Only top part of small stone laying on the ground)** (New listing)
G_________, Jan 22, 21 years (Broken into 3 pieces, on the ground)** (New listing)
Grave Marker ~ _._. **

Additional Information:

The following information was found in the :
*'Erie County, New York Obituaries, As Found In The Files Of The
Buffalo And Erie County Historical Society.'
Complied by Bill and Martha Reamy 1992
*CONLEY, Vilera, wife of William R., Clarence, N.Y., March 24, 1835, age 27 years.
*HULL, Miss Minerva, dau of Warren, Clarence, NY, Nov 24, 1830, age 26.
*HULL, Warren, Revolutionary Soldier, Lancaster, NY, Oct 22, 1838, age 76 (Wilheim, NY, b. 1762 [Aurora]
*WHEELOCK, Miss Charlotte, dau.of John G., Lancaster, N.Y.May 11, 1854, age 34 : d. in Buffalo.
*WHEELOCK, Lavinia, wife of John E., Sept 13, 1853
Complied : 11 December 1999
by : Leo J. Kopp and Katherine M. Kopp
Personal visit 27 April 2001
and information from the Historical Society of The Town Of Clarence.

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