Vinecke Family / Peppermint Rd. Cemetery
Peppermint Road
 Lancaster, Erie County, New York 
Note: Unless otherwise noted all listings are tombstone readings,
and the information has not been provided by any official cemetery source.
It is offered here as a tool to promote further research
and should not be considered as verified proof for genealogical records.

1"This small cemetery is located on a rise of ground on the north side of
Peppermint Road ( close to the highway and opposite Swift River Association, [Gravel Pits] )
about two hundred yards east of of the intersection of Peppermint and Pavement Roads.
Evidence of four burial was found. There is a larger, fenced - in cemetery
just east of this one and on the opposite side of the road.(
Iszardi Cemetery)
2When searched on July 12, 1953, this plot was overgrown and unkept.
No stones were standing.

Mrs. W.C. Roberts1 of Alden, New York apparently searched this cemetery in 1943,
and took off the inscription data at that time. Miss Fanny Jelley of Lancaster, New York
made a copy of the former information, and what follows is a copy of Miss Jelley's
material made by Marlo K. Schermerhorm
2 on December, 31,1953
Then, on April 1, 1968, Donald C. Keller
3 researched, commented,
and penciled in correction on the report. He also found another tomb stone, for Josephine.

Notes made by: 1 Mrs. W.C. Roberts, 2 Marlo K. Schermerhorm, 3Donald C. Keller

* Only stones in cemetery.
I paid a visit to this very small road side cemetery on 1 May 2001.
I found one stone that had fallen and
laid flat on the ground, along with two small pieces to another stone.
The cemetery is maintained by the Town of Lancaster.

Information copied from papers located at the Lancaster Historical Society
1 January 1998 and on a visit to the cemetery on 1 May 2001
................. Leo J. - Katherine M. Kopp



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