Warner Cemetery

"The Warner family cemetery is located on the west side of Warner Road north of Columbia Ave.just north of the first little stream that crosses Warner Road
It was located on land now included in the
Warner Estates Development".

"The developers have been required by the Village of Depew, which owns the cemetery land, not to build upon the cemetery site, and to forbid by an article in the deed, any building upon the site by the owner of the lot within the cemetery lies.

However,the site will be graded to suit the rest of the lot and its identity as a cemetery forever lost.
All faces of the gravestones have vanished and no written record has been located."

The Warners were related to the Sturms and their farm was apparently taken from that
originally acquired by the Sturms sometime between 1810 and 1840."

Sources: Information taken from a article in the Lancaster Enterprise, March 14, 1968

Information taken from a article in the Lancaster Enterprise, March 21, 1968

Mr. Yarrington, of Summit Ave. reported that he used to take care of both the Warner and Sturm cemeteries when he was a boy. He said, a Minnie Helwig ( a relative, was a housekeeper for the
family ) and three generations of Warners were buried in the Warner cemetery, but he could not remember any other names.The last burial was in 1894.


Jacob & Hannah [nee Warner] Sturm married in 1843 in Lancaster.

Mr Mrs Michael Warner moved to Lancaster in 1832 from Lancaster, Pa

Apparently has a son F. Warner who lived on land in 1866.

A Caroline Warner owned the property in 1880.


Jacob Sturm b ca 1818 - d 1906, married Hannah Warner b 1823 - d 1913 buried Lancaster Rural Cemetery. Lived on Columbria Ave near Warner. Two graves on property.Maps show J Storm or J Sturm in 1866 & 1880

Jacob Jr died after 1918

John P. Sturm b 1851 - d 1918

 Location of the Sturm Family Cemetery is on the west ide of Warner road, north of Columbia,

just north of the little stream that crosses Warner road.


The Sturm Family came from Lancaster, Pa in the 1800's. Believed to be Mennonits.

Warmers intermarried Sturms.

WARNER, Ms Maria , died 15 Sept 1832

WARNER, Peckham, 1 October 1846 [Cheektowaga]

WARNER, Mrs. Thomas, died Bufflo, 10 March 1852
(Warner, Harriet, wife of Thomas N., March 10, 1852, age 23d year.)

WARNER, Mrs. James, 9 Dec 1841
(Cynthia, cheektowaga, NY, wife of James, Dec 9, 1841, age 51.)

Mrs. James, 2 June, 18

WARNER, James of Cheektowaga, age 60, 8 April 18


John and Margaret GEKELER buried the following children there :
Johnna, 13 years, b Feb 27, 1820 - d June 13, 1833
Anna Mary, 15 years, b March 13, 1821 - d Jan 24, 1836
Margaret, 4 years, b May 11, 1829 - d June 14, 1833
John George, 13 years, April 20, 1822 - May 26, 1835 or 1833
GROSS, Lina Maria, b 28 Feb 1856 d. Nov 1857
CROSS, Rudolph Gotthilf, b 6 Oct 1854 Lancaster, N.T., d 1 Nov 1857 buried with Lina.
GROSS, Two oldest children of Christian and Margaret in 1857
RN ?
TUNG or YOUNG, Two small sons of Dorothy Gekeler, early 1850's


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