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Town of Lancaster Cemeteries
including Bowmansville and the Village of Lancaster
Erie County, New York

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Town of Lancaster

  1. Bergold / Bergtold Site Cemetery see Hull Cemetery
  2. Bowmansville Cemetery - see Transit Rural Cemetery [Bowmansville]
  3. Bowmansville Rural Cemetery - (1830 - 1926 Partial List) see Transit Rural Cemetery [Bowmansville]
  4. Dinson Site - see Dixon Cemetery
  5. Dixon Cemetery (H)
    6353 Genesee Street, about 5 miles east of Bowmansville.
    Located about 800 feet from the intersection of Ransom Road and Genesee Street.
    Sitting on the south side of Genesee, this site encompasses an area about 100 by 175 feet.
  6. D.S. - (Dixon Site)
  7. Egelston Family Cemetery
    Next to 8030 Genesee Street, approximately one-quarter mile east of
    Pavement Road & Genesee Street intersection, on the north side.
    People living next to cemetery maintain it. Area is about 50x100.
  8. Genesee Road Cemetery - (B) see Transit Rural Cemetery
  9. Halstead Cemetery - Genesee Street
  10. Helwick / Helwig / Helwick Cemetery - see Stutter Cemetery
  11. Hull Cemetery - On the north side of Genesee Street, at the end of Pavement Road stands the
    Wolf Farm on a raised knoll area. Semi-wooded area with access through private lands,
    about 800 feet north (behind) the Hull House (Close to New York State Thruway)
  12. Idszardi Site (H)
    South side of Peppermint Road, east of Pavement Road,
    across from Vincecke Cemetery. Surrounded on three side by a iron fence,
    the site is about 30 x 65 feet.
  13. Lancaster Rural Cemetery - ca.1810,
    70 Cemetery Road, (west side) between Broadway ( Route 20 ) and Erie Street.
    (716) 681 - 8419

    Some of the graves in the cemetery, which is still in use, date to about 1810 and
    include people who were veterans of the Revolutionary War and most of Lancaster's
    early settlers.
  14. Peppermint Road Cemetery - See Vinecke Cemetery.
  15. Person Site Cemetery ~ On private land, presumed to be lost for ever.
    Site no longer exists, or are there known records.
  16. Powers Family Cemetery
    North side of Genesee Street, one quarter mile west of Gunville Road, perhaps 100 - 150 yards off the road.
    [Located 800 feet north of Genesee Street at
    power pole 267 - 412.]
  17. Riedel Farm Site ~ 6270 Genesee Street, (west side).
    Site was visited on 6 September 1967, No tombstones found, or known records.
  18. R.S. ~ (Riedel Farm Site)
  19. St. Adelbert's Cemetery ~ 6200 Broadway, Lancaster, New York 14086 (716) 681-3090 , 892-3423
    Office Hours ~ Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm, Saturday 9 am - 12 pm.
    NOTE: Old St. Adelbert's Cemetery location see Town of Cheektowaga.
  20. St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Cemetery (1919) 25 Cemetery Road, between Broadway and Erie Street, Lancaster, New York 14086 (716) 683-5031
    Records Information: Records are located at St. Augustine Church, 425 Penora St., Depew, NY and are available for searches. Searches by office personnel only, write for an appointment.
  21. St. Mary's of the Assumption Roman Catholic Cemetery - 1 St. Mary's On The Hill, Lancaster, 14086 (716) 683-6445
  22. St. Michael's Cemetery ~ see Town of Amherst
  23. Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery [Bowmansville]
    5337 Genesee Street, (between Transit & Harris Hill Roads) Bowmansville, New York 14026
    In 1936, Scared Heart Church established it's own lovely cemetery in the
    rear of the church property. The graves that were formerly located on the
    west side of the church property were transferred to the new cemetery.
  24. Strum Family Site Cemetery see Warner Cemetery
  25. Stutter Site Cemetery (H)
    Located on the south side of Pleasant View Drive, about one mile east of Central Ave., (at the S curve).
  26. Transit Burial Ground Cemetery see Transit Rural Cemetery
  27. Transit Rural Cemetery ~ is on Genesee Street, about 200 yards east of Transit Road
    Thanks to Donald MacDavid, ( Lancaster Historical Society ) for the following information:
    "The first mention of a cemetery in Bowmansville was in the deed of land sold by
    Abraham Frick to Isaac Staley in 1840. It specified that a quarter acre of fenced land
    used as a burial ground was not to be included in the sale. This is the section at the
    east front of Transit Rural Cemetery, the part that contains the oldest graves and stones.
    In 1841 an adjacent piece of land west of the above and about the same size was purchased
    from William May for $15.00 by
    John Moulton , George Green, and Samuel Jenkins,
    trustees for the Transit Burying Grounds.
    In 1873 the Transit Rural Cemetery Association was formed under New York State law
    with six trustees. They immediately bought an L - shaped adjacent piece of land for $1200.00,
    but only after legal action necessary to condemn the land. The owner,
    Catherine Dentler,
    wanted the cemetery to buy her entire farm. In 1927 another strip was purchased for $600.00,
    and in 1965 the last piece on the far left rear for $1000.00, leaving the cemetery with a
    generally rectangular property.
    see Transit Rural Cemetery Association
    Contact: Francis Martin
    175 N. Maple Dr.
    Williamsville New York 14221

Special thanks to Donald MacDavid for sharing
his information on the Transit Rural Cemetery
  1. Transit Rural Cemetery Association - The Transit Rural Cemetery Association
    has remained in existence since 1873 with local people serving as voluntary trustees.
    Subject to rigid state laws, the operation of the cemetery remains a precariously
    break - even balance of income and expenses. Income is derived from the sale of lots,
    a portion of burial fees, and individual contributions. The major expense is grass cutting.
    In 1873 the cemetery paid $1.50 for someone to dig a grave with pick and shovel.
    today it s dug by machine for more than $250.00. Other coats have risen proportionately.
    Grass cutting is now done by a professional crew who come in with a fleet of gasoline movers
    and string trimmers under a year - long contract.
    Long time Bowmansville residents can recall
    Mary Parker trudging from her home ( 9 Main Street )
    to the cemetery with her push mower and hand clippers to spend all day cutting grass
    for $.35 per hour. Afterwards she would go on to her regular job as cleaning woman
    at Lilybrook. Once a year she would submit her bill for about 400 hours of work.
    She did this for years."
    see Transit Rural Cemetery
  2. Van Way Cemetery - see Dixon Cemetery
  3. Vinecke Family Cemetery (H)
    Located on the north side of Peppermint Road, close to Pavement Road, (about 150 feet)
    opposite Iszardi Cemetery. Area about 10 x 10.
  4. Warner Family Cemetery
    Located on the banks of Scajaquada near the intersection of Warner Road
    and northeast corner of Columbia Avenue,
    the site was lost during the home construction in the late 60's and 70's.
    Site no longer exists, or known records.
    (Just north of the first small stream traveling north on Warner Road.)
  5. Wheelock Cemetery see Hull Cemetery
  6. Wolf Farm Site see Hull Cemetery
    Early Lancaster Cemetery


Town of Lancaster

Tales of Olde West Main Street
author, Harley E. Scott, E.D.D.
Lancaster Town Historian
Reminisce with Mr. Scott, on the life of West Main Street.
A building by building description with photos, maps, etc.
Very enjoyable with a lot of human interest.

Mail To:
Cayuga Creek Historical Press
22 Brookfield Place
Lancaster, N.Y. 14086

Or pick up at :
Lancaster Historical Society
40 Clark Street
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 681 - 7719
Sunday 2 - 5 p.m.
A History of the Village of Lancaster, New York


Town Clerk

Town of Lancaster Clerk
21 Central Ave.
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 683-9028
Village of Lancaster Clerk
5423 Broadway
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 683-2105

Historical Museum & Society

Town Newspaper

Lancaster Historical Society
40 Clark Street
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 681 - 7719
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"Lancaster Recreation Department Report
on Historical cemeteries within the Township of Lancaster Local Researcher in the Lancaster Area"
Buffalo & Erie County Free Library, (Cemetery Records) and
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