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Town of Marilla Cemeteries
Erie County, New York

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Evergreen Cemetery - Two Rod Road, near Whitetail Drive.
German Methodist Cemetery
Maple Rest Cemetery - New Section, Porterville and Two Rod Roads.
Maplewood Cemetery - (Old ) Across from 11696 East Avenue and Two Rod Road.
Maplewood Cemetery - Across from 11696 East Avenue and Two Rod Road.
Marilla Cemetery see Evergreen Cemetery
Porterville Cemetery - Porterville Road.
Ridge Lawn Cemetery -
St.Teresa's Roman Catholic Cemetery -


Town of Marilla

Established in 1853

Official Town of Marilla
Marilla Town Hall
1740 Two Rod Road
Marilla, NY 14102
(716) 652-5350

Hamlets - Williston, Porterville, Puckerville, or Iron Bridge.


Town Clerk
Town Historian
Town Historian Hubert Kutter (716) 652-7608 <sadenna-AT-cs.com>
Deputy Historian - Jeff Lewinski (716) 652-3058.
Community Center
P.O. Box 36
Marilla, NY 14102
Town Clerk
1740 Two Rod Rd.
Marilla, NY 14102 -9726
Town Hall - (716) 652-5350
Vital Records

Historical Museum & Society

Town Newspaper
Marilla Historical Society



Veterans Burials in Marilla Cemeteries

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