Village of Akron, New York
Old German Cemetery
This cemetery is located in the rear of the old German Methodist Episcopal Church,
Johns Street,
Town of Akron
Erie County, New York.

1838 - 1923

The following graves are all that are marked with tombstones, June 1971.
To the best of my knowledge there is no plot plan or record of those who bought lots or were buried in this cemetery.
( J.T.Hart Jr., Akron, NY )
The grounds are kept in excellent condition by the Town of Newstead.

Jane C., w. of Charles Anesworth, d. Mar. 10, 1850, age 35 years, 9 months, 8 days
Perlina J., dau. of Charles A. and Jane C. Anesworth, d. Nov. 8, 1850
Ernst F. M.D. Dec. 26, 1880, age 62 years
Johanna (Vetter), wife of Ernst F. M. Borchert, d. Mar. 11, 1883, age 67 years
Sophia C.E., dau. of Ernst and Johanna Borchert, d. Feb. 10, 1880, age 21 years, 11 months, 23 days
(Ernst, Johanna and Sophis Borchert all on same stone)
The stone is written in German.
Frenke, b. Jan.18,1876, d. Jan.20, 1884, age 8 yrs, 2 days. Written in German.
Friedrich, b.Mar.13,1872, d.Oct.19, 1875 age 3 yrs,7 months, 6 days. Written in German.
Minna, b.Feb.12, 1839, d.Apr.13,1877
Written in German-geborene Roligar ans Schwann.
William C., d.Oct 23, 1881, age 19 years, 9 mons., 22 days " Erected by his young men friends of Akron."
Charles, b.1837, d.1923 Louise, b.1842, d.1912, wife of Charles Cook "Asleep in Jesus"
Leonard, d.Dec.23, 1852 age 8 months son of Walter and Adiere Herrington
Lovisa, b.Apr.15, 1879, d.Aug.15, 1879 dau. of Carl and Lovisa Kock. Written in German.
Louisa, b.Dec 26, 1854 d.Dec.10, 1877 (stone broken) b.Aug.12, 1871 d.Mar.12, 1874, son of Carl and Louisa Kock,written in German
Sophia,w. of John Kolzow, d.Jan.3, 1870 age 27 years
Maria, d.July 24, 1882 age 4 months, 8 days dau. of J.H.and _M. Kraatz
Alice S., d.Apr.19, 1884, age 4 years, 2 months 9 days dau. of C.and E.C. Lotz
Christopher, b. Dec.21, 1853 d.(no date shown)
Elizabeth C.,w. of Christopher Lotzb.Nov.9, 1858, d.(no date shown)
(Alice S., Christopher and Elizabeth C. Lotz on same stone)
Johanna, b.Nov.21, 1838 d.June 25, 1890 w. of Christian Pagel
Lina, b.Sept.16, 1863 d.Aug.2, 1880 dau. of Christian and Johanna Pagels
Abigal, d.May 21, 1864 age 3 years, 14 days dau. of Peter Stever
Peter, d.Jan.28, 1964 age 36 years, 27 days (Abigal and Peter Stever on same stone)
William J., b.1870 d.1892
Samuel, d.Jan.1, 1858 age 61 years, 1 day
Bertha, b.Mar.4, 1860 d.June 14, 1889 Written in German
John H. b. Dec. 12, 1822 d. Jan.10, 1901
Sophia M. (Hartig), b. Oct.13, 1825 d. Sept.19, 1893 (Same stone as John H. Wright)

Transcribed by Susan Abraham,
RAbra25132 from records located at the
Town of Newstead Town Hall.

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