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Town of Newstead Cemeteries
including the village of Akron
Erie County, New York

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Town of Newstead
Carpenter Cemetery see Smith Cemetery
Eldred Cemetery - see Hunt's Corner Cemetery (Town of Newstead)
Evergreen Cemetery - Bloomingdale Road, adjacent to St. Teresa's Cemetery (Town of Newstead)
Evergreen Cemetery Association - c/o John Eckerson Box 373 Akron, New York 14001
Hunt's Corner Cemetery - Hunt's Corner Rd (County Rd), East of Salt Rd (just passed the Clarence Town line) (Town of Newstead)
Hunt's Corners Cemetery Association - c/o Fred Friedman 74 Main Street P.O. Box 31 Akron, New York 14001
Ledge Lawn Cemetery - Main Street across from Haven Road (Town of Newstead)
Maple Ridge Cemetery
Mount Olive Cemetery - South Newstead Road (Town of Newstead)
Mount Olive Cemetery Association - c/o Eugene Hofmeier 12356 Buckwheat Road Akron, New York 14001
Pioneer Cemetery - see Hunt's Corner Cemetery (Town of Newstead)
Ridge Lawn Cemetery - Route 5 (Main Street) (Town of Newstead)
St. John's Roman Catholic Cemetery
St.Teresa's Cemetery - Bloomingdale Road, adjacent to Evergreen Cemetery (Town of Newstead)
Smith Cemetery -
South Newstead Cemetery - Old Steiner Rd. (I believe that this is Mount Olive Cemetery )

Village of Akron

German Methodist Cemetery see Old German Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery (Town of Akron)
Maple Lawn Cemetery - St. John & Franklin Streets (Town of Akron)
Old German Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery - St. Johns Street, adjacent to Maple Lawn Cemetery (Town of Newstead)


Town of Newstead

Founded in 1823.
The Town of Newstead suffered a historical setback when
town records were destroyed in a 1870's fire.
We have little to help us put the puzzle together on the
numerous events of our growing community from 1823 to 1870.
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Town Clerk

Town of Newstead Clerk
Newstead Town Hall
Church & St. John Street
Akron, N.Y. 14001
(716) 542-4573
Genealogy Records

Village of Akron Clerk
P.O. Box 18021
21 Main Street
Akron, N.Y. 14001-0180
(716) 542-9636

Historical Museum & Society

Town Newspaper

Newstead Historical Society
145 Main Street
Akron, New York 14001
Newstead Historical Society Newsletter

Newstead Historical Society
P.O. Box 222
Akron, NY 14001


Akron Bugle


Robert Burdick (1763 - 1841) - Susan Merritt

Town Links

Thank you's
Village of Akron Past to Current Elected Officials
Special Thanks, to Susan Abraham for typing the data on Maple Lawn, Old German Methodist Episcopal Church, and Ridge Lawn Cemeteries.
Also, Special Thanks, to Anita Reeb for her Newstead corrections.

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