Updated: 2001

Town of Orchard Park
Erie County, New York

Michael Cemetery
 Located behind the property at 3057 Southwestern Blvd.,
[boxed between North, South, Cross and ?]
1874 - 1924

It is a small family cemetery with a 12' right-of-way extending south from Michael Road to the cemetery.
The cemetery was set apart in the will of Caroline Michael, dated March 9, 1899
and recorded in the Erie Co., Surrogate's Office. liber 60 of Wills page 202 July 8, 1899, "for herself and her heirs forever."


Drosendahl, Lily (Daughter) Chris Russell
1878 -1924
Other family members in Oakwood Cemetery, Town of Aurora, Evergreen Cemetery, Town of Wales.
Michael, John (Father)
Born March 9, 1831
Died March 18, 1886
Michael, Caroline (Mother)
Born October 19, 1837
Died May 2, 1899
Michael, John George (Son)
Michael, Ella (Daughter)
Born April 2, 1869
Died February 4, 1874
Emma (Groh) (Daughter)
Louisa (Daughter)

The family also suspects, due to the wording in Caroline's will, that there is at least one unmarked grave in the cemetery.
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