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Town of Orchard Park Cemeteries
Erie County, New York

(MF) Microfilm (B) Book

Special thanks, to Sue Kulp & Norman and Carl Tucker for corrections and additional information
Dick Benning for his updating information.

(MF) Microfilm (B) Book

Abbott Corners Cemetery see Hillcrest Cemetery Association
Abbott Corners Cemetery Association
Angle Road Cemetery
Baker Cemetery (MF) 1839-1879
Bunting Cemetery Bunting Road On property owned and maintained by Frank Newton.
Chestnut Ridge Cemetery (MF) 1831-1957 Chestnut Ridge, Gartman & Ward Rds
Cole Road Cemetery Cole & Ward Rds
Deuel's Corners Cemetery South Buffalo Road (near Hillside Dr.)
Dr. Elisha Smith Cemetery (MF) 1856 - 1868 California Road
A short distance from Duel-Armour Road on the eastern side of the road, on a knoll in the edge of a wood lot.
Emanuel Church of Christ Powers Road, operated by the Church
Friends Quaker Cemetery East Quaker St. Between Franklyn & Freeman Ave.,
Behind Quaker Meetinghouse site. Contact: Mason Homewood (716) 662-3223
Ezekiel Smith Cemetery
Hillcrest Cemetery ~
Special Thanks to Carl Tucker for updating our information.
"I noticed the year you have listed on Hillcrest Cemetery (also known as Abbotts Corners Cemetery Assoc.) is 1872.
Our records state that the Cemetery actually was started as a church cemetery in 1811.
I personally have found a stone from 1810.
My family has been running and working at the cemetery since before 1931.
My great grandfather started that year as caretaker.
I have worked there since 1975 and my father is the current Supt.
Carl Tucker"
Hillcrest Cemetery Association ~ 1811 (716 - 649-8338)
Hudson Cemetery Barker & Milestrip Rds
Maplewood Cemetery
Michael Cemetery This is located behind property at 3057 Southwestern Blvd. Orchard Park.
It 's a small family cemetery with a 12' right-of-way extending south from Michael Road to the cemetery.
Nativity of Our Lord Cemetery (same as below ?)
Nativity Roman Catholic Cemetery (MF) on Highland Avenue, operated by Nativity Church
Quaker Cemetery East Quaker St., Between Stand & Freeman Rds Behind Friends Meeting House
Quaker Cemetery ~ Partial List ~ Leo J. - Katherine M. Kopp
Shelden Cemetery see Sheldon Cemetery
Sheldon Family Cemetery Abbott Road in the Rich Stadium (Buffalo Bills Football) Parking lot. Entrance 6
Smith Family Cemetery California and Duerr Rds
Union Cemetery
Wasson Family Cemetery North Freeman & Buffalo Rds
Woodlawn Cemetery 4443 Buffalo Street (village)
Sue Kulp has documentated all of the records of Woodlawn Cemetery:
index cards, lot records and tombstone inscriptions. Sue will do lookups; one request per e-mail.
Woodlawn Cemetery Association 4443 South Buffalo Road 14127-2611 (716) 662-3714
Chris J. writes:
We know of an old 'abandoned' home (it's for sale) not too far down Abbott Road,
where the homesteader's wife and son are buried in the back yard together.
Private property burials were apparently prevalent during the middle 19th century in Orchard Park.


Town of Orchard Park


Town Clerk
Orchard Park Town and Village Historian
Suzanne S. Kulp, 24 Timothy Dr., Orchard Park, N.Y. 14127,
Town of Orchard Park Clerk
Municipal Building
S - 4295 South Buffalo St.
Orchard Park, NY 14127
(716) 662-6410
Village of Orchard Park Clerk
Municipal Building
4295 South Buffalo St., 1st Floor
Orchard Park, NY 14127
Village Office
(716) 662-9327

Historical Museum & Society

Town Newspaper
Orchard Park Historical Society
24 Timothy Dr.
Orchard Park, NY 14127
(716) 662-2185



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Some Wyoming County related burials from Woodlawn Cemetery
Ruhlmans - Anderson - Miller

Sue S. Kulp


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