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Town of Sardinia Cemeteries
including the Hamlet of Protection
Erie County, New York

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Town of Sardinia
Andrew's Farm Cemetery - Savage Road, north of Genesee Road.

Bulter's Private Lot Cemetery see Sardinia Cemetery

Catholic Cemetery - Prattham Road ~ Compiled by Lee Monier, Mary Cottrell Rahill, and Mori Cottrell Green, this cemetery was originally in Concord

Carpenter Cemetery

Cemetery - Route 39, Creek & Middle Roads

Fairview Cemetery - 1825

Lord's Hill Cemetery - Route 39, see Smith Cemetery.

Pratham Cemetery - Pratham & Allen Streets. Contact: Town Supervisor

Protestant Cemetery -

Roman Catholic Cemetery - East side of Genesee Road

Sardinia Cemetery (New) (B) - Genesee Road, west of Route 16.

Sardinia Cemetery (Old) (B) - Genesee Road, west of Route 16 (Partial List)

Sardinia Cemetery

Sardinia Rural Cemetery - Genesee and Savage Road (Genesee Road between Johnson Corners and North side)

Sardinia Rural Cemetery Association - Robert Schiener (716) 496-7281.

Smith Cemetery (B) - see Carpenter Cemetery

Smith - Carpenter Cemetery - see Carpenter Cemetery

Two Cemeteries on Pratham Road

Hamlet of Protection
Protection Cemetery - Vermont Hill Road


Town of Sardinia



Town Clerk

Town Clerk
13220 Savage Rd.
Sardinia, NY 14134
(716) 496-8900

Historical Museum & Society

Town Newspaper
Sardinia Historical Society
Savage Road
Sardinia, NY 14134



Town Links

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Sardinia Cemetery History

On Jan. 10, 1824, Jacob Wilson deeded to the Town of Sardinia, for the sum of ten dollars, about two acres of land on
north side of Genesee Road, to be used as a burying ground. In those days it was the business of the town to take
care of the cemeteries. However, in 1887, as a result of a new state law, the town deeded the cemetery on
and also the one on the road to Springville,to the newly formed Sardinia Rural Association. By the early 1900's
more land was need on Genesee Road, and two more acres of farm land were purchased on the
south side of the road
and the association paid ten dollars for the plot. In 1940, two more acres were bought. In addition to the two cemeteries
mentioned there are
two on Pratham Road. A catholic cemetery on the east side of the road and a protestant cemetery directly across from it. There has been few recent burials in the catholic cemetery, and none in the Protestant Cemetery.
Progress Through Friendship, Sardinia 1821 - 1971


When you search for ancestors, you will find great friends.

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