Old Havens Cemetery

Centerline Road
Town of Wales, Erie County, New York

1832 - 1848

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A distance back in the field, on top of the hill on the south side of Centerline Road near Creek Road, Wales Hollow area.
Most of the graves and stones are gone.
Polly, d. 16 Feb 1837, aged 28 years, wife of Ithamar Ackley Jr.
Clive Z., d. 29 Sept 1836, aged 25 years, dau of Silas and Nancy Havens
Peleg G., d 11 Jan 1848, 37 years, son of Silas and Nancy Havens
(In memory of Peleg P., son of Silas and Nanct Havens, who died 11 Jan 1848, AE 37 years
Marianne, d 22 Dec 1832, aged 36 years, wife of Isaac Wightman
Also a stone marked "LAH"
Aurora Historical Society
East Aurora, Erie County, New York

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