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Town of West Seneca Cemeteries
including Blossom, Ebenezer and Gardenville
Erie County, New York

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Angle Road Community Church Cemetery
1640 East & West Road, at Leydecker Road
Establish 1860
(1821) - 1951, Inactive, Deserted, maintained by the Town of West Seneca.
(North side of East -West Road, across from 1617 East West Road before Garry Road, under the West Seneca Water Tower)
Blossom Cemetery (B) (Blossom)
7 Borden Road at Seneca Creek Road, west of Transit Road.
Establish 1874 - Active
Located at Borden Road and Seneca Creek Road, in the Town of West Seneca, it was established on September 1, 1868,
by the Evangelical Cemetery Society, composed of members of the Blossom Evangelical Church, Town of Elma.
The site [5/8 acre] was purchased from Jacob and Catharine Mayer for sixty-two dollars and fifty cents.
It was not recorded in the Erie County Clerk's office until July, 1900.
The tract of land was formerly owned by the Community of True Inspiration (Otherwise known as the Ebenezer Society)
at Ebenezer. About 1912, a newcomer to the village was chosen secretary of the Society and after several years disappeared,
the minutes and records of the Society were never returned.
Blossom Methodist Cemetery see Blossom Cemetery
Fourteen Holy Helper Roman Catholic Cemetery (Gardenville)
1345 Indian Church Road, east of Union Road, behind the rectory and school on the south side of the street.
Establish 1864 - Active
Rectory: (716) 674-2374.
Fourteen Holy Helper's Church Parish Census - 1867
Fourteen Holy Helpers Church History
German Evangelical Cemetery 1 see Lein Road Cemetery
German Evangelical Cemetery 2 see Angle Road Community Church Cemetery
Lein Road Cemetery 100 Lein Road behind East Seneca Fire Hall 1855 - 1906 (MF)
Establish ? , Inactive - Not maintained, deserted and overgrown.
Mount Hope Cemetery
124 Graymont, south of Thruway, west side of Union Road Establish 1888 - Active.
(716) 674-287
Pine Rest Pet Cemetery
757 Seneca Creek Road, between Union & Transit Road.
Establish 1917 - Active, moved from Tonawanda in 1959, humans buried here.
Reform Church & Methodist Cemetery see Blossom Cemetery
St. John Lutheran Evangelical Cemetery,
100 Seneca Creek Road, east of Union Road.Establish 1865 - Active.
St. Matthew Protestant Cemetery
180 Old French Road, West Seneca, NY 14224, another entrance is at 2644 Clinton St ( near Old French Road)
(716) 822-1960, FAX (716) 822-2748
Establish 1875 - Active.
The cemetery was opened in 1875 to serve the members of the congregation of St. Matthew's Church,
which was established in 1868 at the corner of Swan and Haberman Streets in the city of Buffalo.
The first burial took place in Section M on May 26, 1875. The deceased was John Bugelman. 
Like many of the burials of that era, John Bugelman was an infant.  He lived only 21 days.
Another notable burial in the original cemetery was that of "Old Shep-The Hermit of Leydecker Road". 
Originally from Missouri, Old Shep was known to live along the banks of the Cazenovia Creek in a small cave. 
He eventually was allowed to build a small shack on the Kloiber Farm. Old Shep was known for his
fondness of people and animals alike. 
He often walked along Main Street in West Seneca, talking with familiar faces and quoting the Bible.
Old Shep was killed when his shack caught on fire. Having no estate and no known relatives,
he was destined for a pauper's grave. But instead, thanks to the generosity of the Lang Family,
Old Shep was buried at St. Matthew's.His grave is located in Section L.
Primarily serving the congregation of St. Matthew's Church, located in Hamburg, NY.
History: Originally established in 1875 to serve the congregation of St. Matthew's Church of Hamburg, New York.
Today it is a Nondenominational cemetery serving the needs of all faiths in the Western New York area
Web Site: http//:members.aol.com/matcem/matthew.htm
St.Paul's Lutheran Cemetery (B) (Blossom)
1500 Seneca Creek Road at Transit Road, west of Transit Road, next to Mayer Brothers Cider Mill,
Establish 1852 (1849) - Active.
The Ebenezer - Amana Cemetery & Upper Ebenezer Cemetery are now part of this cemetery
St.Peter's Union Church of Christ Cemetery
1475 Orchard Park Road (Route 240), near Berg Rd., across from Reserve Rd., behind the church and school.
Establish ?, Active ?
St. John Evangelical Cemetery see Lein Road Cemetery
Seneca Creek Road Cemetery see St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery
146 Reserve Road, (north side ), west from Union Road. Establish 1849 - Active.
Upper Ebenezer Cemetery see St.Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
1500 Seneca Creek Road at Transit Road
Establish 1849 - Active Bought by St. Paul's Lutheran Church.
Ebenezer Cemeteries
Ebenezer Amana Cemetery see St.Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
1500 Seneca Creek Road at Transit Road,
Establish 1883 - Active, Bought by St. Paul's Lutheran Church.
Lower Ebenezer Graveyard
745 Main Street at Mill Road (South side of Main Street, east of Mill Street)
Establish 1845 - 1867 by the Ebenezer Society. Inactive, deserted, maintained by the Town of West Seneca.
Main Street Cemetery see Lower Ebenezer Graveyard
Middle Ebenezer Cemetery or Ebenezer Society-Gardenville Cemetery
Charles E. Burchfield Nature & Art Center grounds (Island Park) at Union & Clinton Street. No stones.
Establish 1843 - 1863 - Inactive, deserted completely.

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