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Bordon J. Cole Family Cemetery
Around 1400 North Davis Road,
south of North Star Road,
Town of Elma, Erie County, New York

Under the care of the East Aurora Presbyterian Church
1857 - 1991

This small family plot is located on the west side of North Davis Road, surrounded by a white wooden fence.
Dead trees and various ground covers run over the smaller stones

This small shaded cemetery is very much in need of maintenance.
A large painted cemetery sign is nailed to the fence.

Unless otherwise noted all listings are tombstone readings, and the information has not been provided by any official cemetery source.
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BUCHANAN, Barbara, 1941 - 1991, (Metal marker ~ Howe Funeral Home)
Large stone with the name "COLE"
COLE, Bordon J., 1859 - 1937
COLE, Elizabeth, Died July 11, 1857, 67 yrs, 2 mo., 23 days, Wife of Salathiel.
COLE, Henry Jay, July 13, 1866, (The stone is broken in half and held together with a metal brace,
The lettering is almost illegible.)
---- 11 days, -----John W. & Marrion L. COLE [2 R'S]
Also, very small marker stone with
COLE, John W., Died. Dec. 13, 1880, age 56 yrs.
COLE, Marrion L. BULLIS, Jan 16, 1834 - Oct 23, 1914, Wife of John W. Cole
COLE, Mary, Died Aug 19, 1894, age 78 yrs
COLE, Minnie E., 1854 - 1934, wife of Bordon J. Cole
COLE, Salathiel, Died July 25, 1863, (The stone is broken in half and held together with a metal brace,
The lettering is almost illegible). age_ _ 2 days
GREGORY, Malcolm, June 20, 1922 - April 11, 1996, US Coast Guard, World War II (Also, metal marker, Howe Funeral Home)
GREGORY, Malcolm D., July 25, 1953 - Nov 12, 1984, Loving Husband, Son and Brother
GREGORY, May LOWTHER, Beloved wife of Russell S. Gregory, Born May 29, 1887 - Died May 7, 1960
GREGORY, Reverend Russell S., Died March 27, 1934
"He was a Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of East Aurora, New York for Twenty-five years,
until his death in the 53rd year of his age."
McCULLOUGH, Charley, 1909 - 1992
Very small marker stone - E. U.
Very small marker stone - H.J.C.
[This is a different marker than the one for Henry Jay Cole]

Tombstone inscriptions complied by
Leo J. & Katherine M. Kopp, 1 July 1998

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