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Sheldon Family Cemetery

Southwestern Blvd.
Ralph Wilson Stadium, Outside Gate 7
Town of Orchard Park,
Erie County, New York


Catherine 1834 -1924.
Mary Maria, wife of F. ___ Bowers , (Broken stone) born Sept 28, 1820 - died July 16, 1886.
John, Feb 6, 1884.
John, son of Joseph & (Tryplunia ?) Sheldon, died January 16, 1832 age 3 years.
Joseph, dies April 4, 1855, age 67 yrs, 9 mo.
Sally Ann, daughter of Joseph & (Tryplunia ?) Sheldon, died Sept 11, 1852, 15 yrs, 9 mo, 7 ds.
(Tryplunia ?), wife of Joseph Sheldon, age 77 yrs. (Broken stone).
Harriet M. Bowers, wife of William H. Stansil, died Feb 1, 1917.
Eleanor, wife of W.E. Taylor, Feb 25, 1825, age 29 yrs.
Anna, 1822 - 1907.
Eddy, son of Hamblelon J. & (Inus?) Thurston, died Aug 13, 1857, age 3 yrs, 7 mo, 19 ds., "Our Little Eddy"
Edw. S., 1858 - 1912.
H.J., May 20, 1870, age 56 yrs,11 mo, 3 ds.
Millie E., Sept 18, 7(8?), age 5 yrs. 7 ds.
4 broken stones
1 Base
________, Annie M., June 27, 1868, 3 yrs., 8 mo
________, Charles H., died January 21, 1868 age 5 yrs, 7 mo. 5 ds.
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26 March 2000

"Buffalo Magazine", The Buffalo News, 1989 :
The Silent Spectators
"Outside Gate 7 at Rich Stadium lurks the realm of the dead.
When you pass by monday night en route to the Bills-Broncos game,
you'll notice - if you haven't already - a small landscaped cemetery surrounded by a fence.
It's the Sheldon family cemetery. Members of the Sheldon Clan and
some other rest here while a maelstrom of activity goes on nearby during the fall.
Football games are played where once the Sheldon farmed, and before that, Erie Indians lived.
The Sheldon started burying their dead in the plot near Gate 7 in the 1830's,
according to John Printy, Orchard Park town historian. There are about a dozen marked graves
and an unknown number of others. The last body was interred in the 1940s.
"For years prior to the building of the stadium, it [the cemetery] was almost unheard of",
Printy says. It was overgrown and generally neglected.
Printy wanted the cemetery preserved and was able to focus media attention on his effort.
The town, Erie County, and some Sheldon family descendants, the junior Yorkers and Bills,
owner Ralph Wilson offered assistance, Printy says.
It led to the cemetery being refurbished and rededicated. There now stands a monument,
erected by the town and the Orchard Park Historical Society, marking the rededication.
"I'm very proud it's being preserved." says Printy.
Think about it as you pass."
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